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7 Excellent Wedding Planning Tips for a Perfect Occasion


There are nearly 2.3 million weddings a year in the United States and as a result, the bridal industry is booming. To the bride, this statistic translates to costly wedding planning and overbooked vendors.

Learning how to plan receptions can be difficult. Brides often become overwhelmed by their to-do lists and lose sight of their vision for their big day. Keep reading to learn seven planning tips to ensure you have your dream wedding.

1. Make A List of Priorities 

Weddings can be very costly, so in order to maximize your budget, you should make a list of priorities. By allowing yourself to make 3-To 5 top priorities for your wedding you will feel less guilty spending more on those items. Some couples may want to splurge on a full open bar, live music, or flowers.

Giving yourself a few items that you know are your priorities will help you as your budget and make your wedding checklist.

2. Book A Wedding Venue Early 

Start looking early when it comes to booking a venue. Not only do venues book up fast, but each venue will offer different services and have different restrictions that will affect the rest of your planning. 

When you are selecting a wedding venue, look for a venue that has the space to accommodate your guest list and matches your desired aesthetic. Brides often spend too much redecorating a space that is already luxurious. 

3. Keep a Centralized Vision in Mind 

Before you start meeting with caterers, florists and picking out décor you need to settle on a vision. Creating a vision board for your help provide direction and guidance to the professionals brought in to help put yours together. Making a vision board will help you ensure that all aspects of your wedding are cohesive and driving towards your dreams. 

4. Test Out Your Photographer

Wedding photographers and videographers are very costly. Because this is undoubtedly a major expense you should give your photographer a test run.

By hiring your photographer for your engagement shoot, you can familiarize yourself with their work. This is also the perfect opportunity for you and your partner can practice being comfortable around the camera.

5. Delegate Tasks

Planning a wedding can be a major undertaking, so delegating tasks to your partner, family, and bridal party can help relieve the stress. Delegating tasks will help everyone feel included in the planning process and help you mark items off of your to-do list. 

6. Have A Day-Of Coordinator 

The best piece of planning advice is to hire a day-of coordinator. Whether or not you have opted to hire a planner or plan your wedding on your own, you need to have a day-of coordinator. Your coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that the logistics of the event are executed flawlessly. 

7. Thank Your Vendors

Your wedding vendors all play an integral part in the execution of your’s. Although tipping is already customary practice, many brides forget to account for the gratuities in their budget. To truly express your gratitude to your vendors, you can pair their tips with a handwritten note. 

Follow Our Wedding Planning Tips

Planning and executing your dream can seem overwhelming. However, by following our planning tips you can stay organized and keep your vision in focus. 

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