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Plus Size Style Tips: How to Find the Best Activewear 

plus size activewear australia

Based on the IBISWorld report, the plus-size clothing market in Australia is expected to reach $1.1 billion in 2022. According to the same information, the market may experience a 3.6% growth by the end of the year. It could result from the growing demand for plus size activewear australia

Gyms and fitness centers in Australia can now operate without density limits. As a result, you may expect plenty of plus-size individuals to go back to the gym. However, since their old activewear may no longer fit due to the long duration of lockdowns in 2021, finding the right activewear is a must for Australians who want to work out. Here are some of the most useful guides in shopping for plus-size activewear and workout outfits. 

Plus Size Activewear Leggings and Yoga Pants 


You can find plenty of options in plus-size leggings and workout pants in Australia. However, you need to remember the following techniques to avoid getting overwhelmed svn0czn

  • Pick high-waisted options – Getting high-waisted pants to serve several functions. First, it can conceal your belly neatly for more comfort and control during every move. Second, the thicker waistband will prevent the garment from rolling down. Finally, the high-waisted fit can visually increase the length of the legs to make you look slimmer. 
  • Think about the compression level – The recent study conducted by Roy Morgan Research revealed that 2.18 million Australians practiced yoga in 2017. Plus size individuals also joined the craze. If you are one of the plus-size Australians who love to do yoga or planning to do so, you must find a pair of leggings with the right compression. For yoga enthusiasts, you must shop for low-compression pants to let you move easily. 
  • Check seam quality and transparency – Tight-fitting leggings may reveal your undergarments and other parts you want to keep hidden. It may also put too much pressure on the seam, making it difficult for your to-do movements like squats or lunges. To find a high-quality plus-size activewear Australia so you can perform any physical activities without worrying about rips and tears. 

Plus-Size Sports Bra 

Sports bras are necessary for any woman who wants to work out. But it is more important for curvy, plus-size women to make their movements more comfortable. 

However, it is important to find the right bra size to prevent discomfort. You also need to get a bra with a sculpting-type fabric, high-compression, and strong straps to reduce the bounce in the bust area. It is also necessary to look for a sweat-proof material with the best ventilation to keep your bust cool and dry. 

Plus Size Tops

Aside from your bra, the tops are also an important part of your activewear outfit. You must look for something that fits your bust circumference perfectly. You also need to look for items that come with high compression to incorporate some sculpting effect. 

It is also best to look for styles that can highlight your best features. For example, you may select a top with a feminine look that can accentuate your waist. 

Investing in the right activewear for plus-size individuals can make your workouts more enjoyable. It will also help you comply with the government’s recommendations to be more active for at least 2.5 to 5 hours every week to achieve better health. Most importantly, look for activewear that matches your style and fashion sense

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