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15 Truly Strange, Wonderful, and Unique Gifts for Him


Maybe your anniversary is coming up? Perhaps your brother has a birthday around the corner? Maybe you’re looking to get your dad something for Father’s Day?

Whatever the case may be, you’re searching for gifts for men. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a bevy of unique gift ideas, helping you choose the perfect gift for the man in your life. Without further ado, here are 15 unique gifts for him.

  1. Clip Wallet

The first gift you should consider is a clip wallet. This is a narrow, metal wallet that holds cards in place with the use of a clip. Due to its narrow stature and compact size, it’s exceedingly easy to store, whether in pockets, drawers or otherwise.

Clip wallets are pretty cool to look at as well, sporting modern and minimalistic aesthetics. Regardless of the person that you’re buying for, they’re almost sure to like this gift. Not only is it stylish, but it serves a necessary function as well.

  1. Bobblehead Doll

Does the person you’re buying for like knick-knacks? If so, you might consider gifting him a bobblehead doll. Bobbleheads are quirky and weird and can bring a zany aesthetic to any room in which they’re positioned.

There are bobblehead dolls of all kinds out there, from athlete bobblehead dolls to movie star bobblehead dolls to musician bobblehead dolls and more. Regardless of your giftee’s preferences, there’s almost certain to be a bobblehead doll that accommodates them.

  1. Beer Brewing Kit

Does your giftee have a love for alcohol? A good many men do. If so, you should consider gifting a beer brewing kit.

These kits come with everything needed for a person to brew their first batch of beer. Simple and easy to use, they can act as a gateway for a new hobby in your giftee’s life.

You can find beer brewing kits for as little as $50. These are available online and in beer brewing stores throughout the United States.

  1. Personalized Steak Brand

Does your giftee like to grill out? Maybe he likes to fire up a delicious steak on the rare day off? If so, a personalized steak brand might be right up his alley.

This is essentially a metal brand containing the user’s initials. So, let’s say your giftee’s name is Charles Teller. The brand would come with a “CT” shaped onto the end of it.

This way, once Charles has finished grilling the steak, he can heat the brand, press it down onto the steak, and leave his initials behind. It doesn’t serve any particular purpose, but it’s pretty cool. And, for some men, cool is exactly what they’re looking for in a gift.

  1. Survival Kit

Sometimes, a man just wants to feel like John Rambo. This is why it might be a good idea to give your giftee a survival kit.

A survival kit is essentially a collection of knives, compasses, and other tools. It’s meant to be used in the wilderness and can help get a person out of some fairly tight jams.

You can find survival kits online for as little as $25. That’s a small price for an entire collection of cool and useful tools.

  1. Weighted Blanket

Life is stressful. For many men, that stress can lead to sleep problems. Fortunately, there’s a blanket designed to help deal with those.

That blanket is the weighted blanket, a heavy blanket that weighs down parts of the body to soothe restlessness. While not effective for everyone, these blankets provide results to many. So, if you want to give the gift of shut-eye, consider giving one of these.

  1. Shaving Kit

Just about every man in existence needs to shave from time to time. So, why not give something foolproof by giving a shaving kit?

There are all sorts of shaving kits out there, most of which come with a shaving razor, a shaving brush, a set of razors, some shaving cream, and maybe a towel. Search online and see what you can find. There’s sure to be a great option for the man in your life.

  1. Weight Set

Do you know a man who’s looking to get into weightlifting but who doesn’t have time to hit the gym? If so, you could consider gifting him a weight set. There are all kinds of options out there, some of which are extremely expensive and some actually priced quite reasonably.

A solid low-cost option is the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbells. These are capable of altering weight, allowing you to add more weight as you progress. Small and compact, they’ll enable the man in your life to lift without having to sacrifice anything in the way of storage space.

  1. Jewelry

No, not every man is into jewelry. However, many are as well as some who would wear jewelry if it was gifted to them. The key is in choosing the right jewelry.

The options are essentially endless here. As such, if you’re going to go this route, you should assess the person you’re gifting the jewelry to and try to get a feel for his style.

One option to consider is Their jewelry has a, well, badass slant that could be popular with a bevy of men. Give it a look and see what you think!

  1. Scratch Poster

Another type of gift that you should consider is a scratch poster. A scratch poster is like a scratch-off lottery ticket. However, instead of scratching off every section immediately, you wait until you’ve completed a designated task.

For instance, there are beer scratch posters. These contain a list of, say, 100 beers. The goal is for the poster owner to drink every beer on the poster, scratching off an individual section every time a new beer is consumed.

There are also scratch posters for movies, TV shows, restaurants, and more. So, scour the internet and so what you can find.

  1. Amazon Echo

If your giftee has yet to buy one, you should really consider getting him an Amazon Echo. This is a speaker that operates based on voice commands. The user says “Alexa” followed by a command, and the command is put into action.

For instance, the user could say, “Alexa, play ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ by the Beatles,” and the speaker will play the song. You can also ask questions, such as what the weather will be like for the day, or just random trivia.

This is an awesome device that just about everyone should have. Whether you’re buying for your brother, your husband, your dad, or otherwise, consider giving this gift.

  1. Smart TV

At this point, the smart TV is almost a given. And yet, there are still many men who have yet to purchase one. So, if the man in your life is smart TV-less, consider buying one.

You can find off-brand ones for just a few hundred dollars. The more popular brands will run you into the high hundreds and maybe even the thousands. In any case, a new smart TV is bound to bring a smile to your giftee’s face.

  1. Temperature Control Coaster

Is your giftee a regular coffee drinker? Does he have trouble with keeping his coffee cold? If so, you might consider gifting him a temperature control coaster.

This is a rechargeable electronic coaster that provides heat to the items that sit on top of it. It can keep a cup of coffee hot for up to 90 minutes, giving the drinker ample time to enjoy it.

There are many of these available online, and they come at a range of prices. Browse through them and find one that fits your budget.

  1. Smartwatch

Another gift you could consider giving to the man in your life is a smartwatch. A smartwatch is a watch that provides a variety of technological features. These run the gamut from GPS capabilities to text message capabilities to music streaming capabilities and more.

Put simply; smartwatches are pretty cool. They can be used for tracking exercises, for keeping in communication with acquaintances, for setting alarms, and for several other purposes.

Smartwatches start at around $150. The best of them cost several hundreds of dollars.

  1. Clothing With the Giftee’s Face On It

If your giftee is on the quirky side, you could consider gifting him something with his face on it. Yes, this is a little strange, but that is what this article is about, after all: strange gifts.

You could have a shirt customized with the giftee’s face, or slippers, or socks, or a variety of other clothing items. Search the internet and get weird with it!

       Time to Buy Some Unique Gifts for Him

And there they are, 15 unique gifts for him. These gifts are almost sure to inspire a positive feeling in the man in your life, whether it be your husband, brother, dad, or otherwise.

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