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2021 Engagement Ring Helps to Find the Perfect Ring


Weddings are said to be a magical and monumental stage for any adult. It is the union of two different lives, of two independent individuals. It is a consummation of their love and commitment to each other. That said, the anticipation and expectation that most people have about weddings make proposals even more stressful and pressuring. To help lessen the pressure on your part, here are some of the biggest trends in engagement rings that you can keep an eye out for this coming year, 2021.

Vintage Designs

The vintage aesthetic has taken engagement rings by storm. Classic looks and designs will always find a placement in any era or generation because it is meant to bear a timeless appeal. Vintage rings bear intricate details in the form of wiring and bejewelled patterns. It will be the perfect choice if your groom or bride-to-be is someone who is very keen on details and has a soft spot for ageless artistry.

Gothic Fashion

Gothic fashion is more suitable for people who do not fit into the typical romantic and sweet vibes that most weddings have. Some couples appreciate the ‘darker’ and more hardcore things in life. Gothic rings give more room for a broader range of preferences and motifs that several non-traditional couples will love.

Emeralds over diamonds

It can be quite safe to say that emeralds may outperform diamonds in the engagement ring department. Although diamonds are better in durability, emeralds are gaining more attention because of the meaning attached to it. It symbolizes a new start, which many people deem fitting for new lifetime commitments with their chosen partners.


If you feel like a ring with one big stone will not be enough to secure that highly coveted ‘yes’, then your instincts are most probably right. 2021 is embracing bolder ideas and innovations for wedding and engagement rings. Indeed, three is just the right amount of stones to convey ‘I love you’ to the person you want to spend a lifetime with.

Rose-Shaped Gems

Do you think that three stones are a bit much? Then perhaps a gem cut in an intricate rose shape will fit your standards. Rose-cut gems are instantly eye-catching and pretty. It can also pass off as a vintage-type ring, but that will depend on the band’s shade and the colour of the gem that it is made of.

Pops of Colour

Vibrant hues of pink, yellow, green, and even purple are becoming more apparent in jewellery and engagement rings. Whether it is the band or the stone that’s dipped in pastel, it ultimately helps in making your engagement ring more unique and distinctly yours. You can even customize your rings and have them bear your significant other’s favourite colour.


Lavish weddings and engagement parties are no longer what modern-day couples think of when they picture their special day. Environment-friendly types of wedding and engagement rings are increasingly becoming more popular. Some manufacturers recycle metal and gems, while some use cultured diamonds or diamonds crafted in laboratories. These rings cost less and are far more sustainable in using resources to create it.

Taking a step towards committing yourself to someone means turning over a new leaf in your life. Use the list above as your reference for purchasing or customizing an engagement ring that will represent a special bond with your loved one.

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