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3 Effective Methods To Help Businesses Secure Their Customers’ Data

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According to Techopedia, an enterprise data warehouse, or EDW in short, is defined as a unified database that contains all the data a business has and makes it easily available across the company.

EDWs are especially beneficial to big companies as great businesses entail a higher amount of essential data.

If you plan to employ enterprise data warehouse solutions for your business, here is essential information regarding them and why they would make an excellent business investment.

What exactly is an enterprise data warehouse?

As mentioned above, a data warehouse is a powerful technological solution used by industries to collect, unify, modify, and analyse every single piece of information across the company.

The data collected from different sales software, accounting solutions, advertising platforms, databases, marketing tools, ERPs, CRMs, and others are handled safely by EDWs.

What is the ultimate purpose of an enterprise data warehouse?

Enterprise data warehouse solutions are designed to collect and store a business’s pieces of information.

An enterprise data warehouse is intended to upgrade a company’s system by speeding up data entries to facilitate crucial predictive analytics. By utilising a reliable enterprise data warehouse, your business can get essential insights that are incredibly beneficial.

What are the benefits of an enterprise data warehouse?

All companies share a common goal–to make the right business decisions. No business wants to fail. Every successful organisation would be typically always on the lookout for any chance of upgrade for their business. Fortunately, powerful tools such as enterprise data warehouses exist.

  • An enterprise data warehouse allows quickened time to insights

By depending on an elegant architecture built with analytics in mind, businesses that utilise potent tools such as an enterprise data warehouse get the company’s insights faster.

Inquiries that once took hours or days are now easily reduced to minutes and seconds.

Therefore, analysts can determine and iterate through essential information faster, which allows them to discover endless innovative possibilities for the growth of your business.

  • An enterprise data warehouse allows data centralisation

As mentioned above, an enterprise data warehouse centralises pieces of information. This is from a disparate ecosystem of data depositories and sources.

This centralisation allows for a better and holistic view across various business storehouses and seals the gap between diverse business endeavours.

  • An enterprise data warehouse allows streamlined operations

Enterprise data warehouses are part of the extract-transform-load data pipeline, which essentially captures data from its raw figure (extract), organises and aggregates it (transform), and stocks it in the target database or information warehouse (load).

An ETL still needs engineering output and optimisation, even within enterprise data warehouses.

On the other hand, enterprise data warehouses grant out-of-the-box tools and integrations to different software, which automates features of the ETL to render valuable data faster.

  • An enterprise data warehouse allows data protection and integrity.

From role-based access control or RBAC to multi-factor authentication or MFA in short, the most reliable enterprise data warehouses render several layers of protection to keep your valuable data from prying eyes.

Besides data encryption and integrity concerns, enterprise data warehouses do all the hard work to secure your data while managing quality assurance records.

In a nutshell, enterprise data warehouses are an excellent investment for your business. It not only benefits your company and employees but also benefits your customers as EDWs keep customers’ valuable data safe.

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