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3 Tips for Making Your Home Design Clean and Modern

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Depending on your personal style, you may find that a clean, modern home design makes the most sense to you. However, just because this is the type of look you want for your home does not necessarily mean it will be easy for you to achieve this.

So, if you are wanting to make your home look simpler and more streamlined but are not sure how to get this done effectively, here are three tips for making your home design clean and modern.

Choose Home Hardwood Floors

One of the best changes you can make to your home that will help everything appear cleaner and more modern, according to Shelley Little, a contributor to, is to choose hardwood floors. Many clean and modern design styles, like Scandinavian, will almost exclusively use hardwood or another solid flooring.

If you cannot afford hardwood flooring, another option is to use laminate flooring that looks and feels like some hardwoods but is often much less expensive and can be easier to maintain. So, if you currently have carpeting in your home but would like to upgrade to a classier, more elegant appearance for a clean, modern look, consider installing hardwood flooring in place of other flooring options.

Reduce Your Colour Scheme

Another way you can make your home seem cleaner and more modern is to reduce your colour scheme to just a few colours.

According to Dabney Franke, a contributor to, having too many colours in a space can be overwhelming. By limiting the colours, you use in your space to just a few, your space will look less busy and will appear much more modern.

One option you could try, rather than picking a few colours to use throughout your space, is to pick just one colour and then use multiple shades of that colour. Especially if you choose to use more neutral or natural colours, you can see a big difference in the cleanliness and modernity of your space. This Mia 3-seater from Domayne comes in a nice neutral white colour and could be perfect for your home. 

Consider the Lines of The Room

A sign of a modern room, according to Chelsey Bowen, a contributor to HGTV, is the use of clean, straight lines.

This design element should go beyond just the lines of your furniture or your other decor. In addition to this, you should also have straight lines through having flat surfaces that you implement throughout your space. This can be implemented by using pieces with sharp, flat edges rather than rounded edges. Additionally, the more glossy or natural these materials are, the more modern they will be.

If you are wanting the design and decor of your home to be more modern and cleaner, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you achieve this type of look within your home.

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