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4 Top Most Ride-sharing Applications For Travelers

4 Top Most Ride-sharing Applications For Travelers
4 Top Most Ride-sharing Applications For Travelers

Imagine a scenario where you’re at a foreign place and you have no means to travel back and forth from places,and to make that easier for companies have established Ride-sharing applications, that help users to save unnecessary spending of cash on flights and excessive time consumption, with ride-sharing applications for travalers similar to uber, users are no more required to wait in lines or at the side of the road to avail transportation facilities. These services tend to connect drivers from users with similar itineraries to one another along with the option to carpool with other travellers, meaning to reach the same destination. 

Ride-sharing applications aid their users with easier methods to go from one place to another efficiently. Here is a list of 4 top uber-like applications that have made it to the top of the competition due to the features they have to offer to their customers. 


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4 Cab booking applications, travelers should have downloaded within their phones 

  • BlaBlaCar:

This is one of the leading applications when it comes to carpooling platforms that provide customers with long-distance travelling facilities. The application is available within 22 different countries. Once the user has created an account on the application, they can provide their scheduled timings along with their destination points followed by given travel dates.

The service is going to propose a list of driver to the user that are suitable to the schedules of the customer. The customer will have the option to pick the driver out of the list that seems to seem fit for the task. 

The services then operates with driver supplying their customers with the needed information which they require; such as, timings, pick and drop locations, type of vehicle and total cost of the journey, and in case the user wants to take part in a carpool service then they will be required to send in a request for it, which gets approved by the driver himself. 

  • ZimRide:

The best feature of this application is that it allows users to connect with social media and check if their friends are acquaintances of the driver; this makes them feel safe with the services, that is if they wish to travel with mutual only.

After creating a profile on ZimRide you can basically look for drivers within your network and inquire from them whether they’re available to join in or not. 

Although, the lash back of this application is that its services are only accessible to those with specific networks. And apart from those, the application is not accessible. As an uber app development company, Zimride has marked its footprint within the business industry. 

  • Lyft:

This application is best for those who ought to travel shorter distances. The application provides the option to either commute separately or with a group through carpooling. And the best part about this is that the rides are affordable for users.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed for the customers and drivers. Lyft offers different promotional deals where users can avail services at lowest rates, even when they have to cover large distances. 

Carpooling is a popular concept within the United States; which makes the transportation industry more competitive. But even then, Lyft has managed to maintain its services throughout and proves to be an ideal service for short distances within reasonable fares. 

  • PopaRide:

This application enables users to connect with drivers that have similar schedules. Although it’s more used within the country but travellers can choose to move back and fro from united states to Canada through this service. The application comes with an additional feature that allows users to connect with employers or different networks to avail specific drivers for their peculiar requirements. 

One of the best things about this application is that most drivers have associated themselves with PopaRide at some point of their career. And you can check that within their profiles that have been displayed within the application. 

These are 4 of the top tier applications that provide exceptional transportation services, that assist users in a lot of ways. As a traveller, you should definitely consider these apps during your journey to different places. They come in handy and provide assistance in different ways. 

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