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5 Basic Survival Skills One Should Know

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Weather changes and natural hazards are inevitable and might occur anytime without prior knowledge. Owing to the modern lifestyle, most people fail to learn the basic survival skills that allow proper disaster management. You tend to stay busy with your projects and fail to take out sufficient time for the essential skills. Whether you’re about to embark upon an adventure or wish to learn something practical, there’s always a reason to learn survival tactics. You get to know more about water purification, learn the art of lighting up the fire, and navigate the wilderness.

1.  Search & Purify Water

One of the essential things for survival is adequate hydration and filtered water. You can live without food for days altogether due to the compensatory mechanisms of your body. But, your body requires constant hydration to function well and keep the metabolic activities going. This makes the art of finding and purifying water an essential survival skill. In case you’re about to embark upon an adventure spree, you must know where to look for water and how to purify it. Try to find a source of flowing water present at the joining region of two mountain peaks. Also, look out for the gullies and valleys that hold fresh and drinkable water.

When it comes to filtering the water, you can use basic techniques like boiling to kill the microbes. Also, try carrying a water filtration system and get rid of the impurities before drinking your water. Get the monthly survival kit for maximum aid against the possible situations that put survival at stake.

2.  Navigation & Map Reading

Another skill that you must master before heading off to the wilderness is navigation and compass reading. You can’t always rely on electronic gadgets like your phone or the GPS to show you the right directions. Hence, it’s better to learn navigation skills before entering the hiking trails. You can start by finding a high point near you that shows clear-cut directions and places. If you’re unable to find out, you may use your tree-climbing skills and look out for possible directions.

You might predict the directions using the direction of the sun and comparing it with the current time. Along with this, a compass can help in proper navigation and take you to a safe place faster. Equip yourself well enough and know the navigation tricks before entering the hilly terrains.

3.  Lighting Up Fire

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Did you know that amongst all the survival skills, lighting up fire occupies the top-most position? There are multiple benefits of lighting up a fire when you’re lost or don’t have ample resources. You can use the fire to cook or boil the contaminated water for drinking purposes. Also, a well-lit fire allows you to ask for help around and do essential wound management. If you’re trapped in a forest, you might consider lighting up to keep the wild animals and predators away. Try learning the conservative ways of lighting up a fire to protect yourself from adversity.

While igniting a fire, you must search for the dry logs for faster and prolonged heat. Be patient and use the basic skills to ignite a fire for multiple purposes. Also, you can create some friction to burn the logs if you don’t have a matchstick.

4.  First-Aid Procedure

While exploring the unexplored, you might face some health concerns or minor injuries. But, the minor wounds can transform into a highly-infected one soon when left unmanaged.  First-aid and wound management is yet another survival skill that can save your life. The first thing you must do when you encounter an injury is to close the wound. That way, you can prevent the bacterias and other pathogens from attacking the tissues and initiating infectious pathways. Also, you must apply a bandage to seal off the injured area and allow the healing processes to begin. In such cases, a full-fledged first aid kit is quite helpful and can prevent your wound from turning infectious.

Before heading out, you must carry your medical kit along for proper wound management. Keep the antiseptics and gauze pieces to close the wound after sterilizing it. Such skills can save your life and reduce the pain due to mild to moderate injuries.

5.  Foraging For Food

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After a few days of wandering amidst the wilderness and being lost, your body needs glucose to keep the vital functions going. That’s where the foraging and hunting skills come into the picture. You need to learn the art of hunting and cooking food for eating purposes. Also, it prolongs your life and provides some nutrition to the vital organs. You can start by creating a sharp weapon using the woods nearby. Further, you can hunt down some fish or other edible organisms nearby. Light up a fire and cook the foraged food well before eating.

Summing Up

Survival is a matter of tackling adversities with the necessary skills to keep the vital functions intact. If you’re trapped in an unexpected situation with no one by your side, survival skills can get you out of the mess. Learn to find as well as purify the water and make it drinkable. Also, you must know excellent navigating and map-reading skills for finding the right way amidst nowhere. Lighting up a fire or foraging for food are also essential survival skills and require prior knowledge.

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