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5 Best Tips To Improve Your Streaming Experience In Canada


Canada is a big potential market for online streaming services. In fact, there are several notable local video-on-demand streaming platforms, including CraveTV, CBS, Hayu, etc. However, viewers who love to watch HBO dramas or Comedy Central’s wacky comedies can’t do so due to geo-restrictions.

Luckily, CraveTV offers a heavy dose of popular TV shows and films from American channels. And the good thing is that you can watch Crave TV in Canada without a VPN.

Technically, streaming platforms are usually subscription-based, and you have to pay to watch content available on these services. And, when you are paying a considerable subscription fee to a streaming platform, you must make sure that your money is spent right.

Although streaming services strive to provide the ultimate user experience to their subscribers, you, as a user, must also put in a little effort to improve your Streameast experience.

For instance, on a late weekend night, you decide to stream your favourite TV show, and you’re thwarted by constant slow buffering due to your poor internet connection. Or imagine you are on vacation with your partner and find out that you can’t stream your favourite rom-com on CraveTV due to geo-restrictions.

To overcome these trivial yet perplexing issues, you need to know some tips and tricks to boost your overall streaming experience. There are several tricks, though, but we will give you the 5 best tips to improve your streaming experience in Canada.

Use an Ethernet connection rather than using a Wi-Fi network

Internet speed is one of the most important factors that affect your streaming experience. If your internet connection is slow, you will face a lot of buffering. You might encounter unforeseen fluctuations while using a Wi-Fi connection, even when it’s connected to a few devices. You can overcome these speed fluctuations by ditching the wireless connectivity and using an Ethernet cable instead.

Ethernet cables offer faster speeds than Wi-Fi. The wired connection creates a direct connection of your device with your router, minimizing the factors that affect internet speed. No doubt Wi-Fi connections are convenient and hassle-free, but they offer relatively slower speeds.


Evade geo-restrictions and access content on any streaming platform:

The majority of online streaming platforms throughout the world implement geo-restrictions. Even Netflix, which is available globally in 190+ countries, offers geo-restricted content libraries worldwide. That means that Netflix Canada’s content library will be different from Netflix US, and you can’t access your favorite title on American Netflix while in Canada. 

On the contrary, Hulu is also a popular streaming platform that is only available in the United States or in some parts of Japan. And you know what it means, right? Yes, you guessed right,  that means you can not have access to this streaming service from Canada, except if you decide to use a virtual private network. 

A VPN service allows you to hide your IP address and virtually be present somewhere else, and you get to choose from multiple servers. So to use Hulu, you can connect to any US server via VPN, bypassing the geo-blocks Hulu implemented, and stream its content as much as you like.

Reduce buffering on your internet connection:

It gets very annoying when you are trying to watch your favorite movie or the episode of a show you have been waiting for, but it keeps getting stuck with constant buffering. This continuous lag in streaming may mean that your internet connection’s speed is quite slow. But that is not the only reason that causes buffering. 

To check the internet speed, take the online free speed test. If it indicates that internet speed is almost around what your base speed is supposed to be, you need to upgrade your internet package if you want to avoid this buffering from happening again.

Apart from that, you can also delete your browser’s cookies and cache or close the extra tabs that might have been consuming all your internet speed.

Update your streaming device: 

Updates on apps and devices are commonly known to fix any bugs that might have been in their previous versions. So, whatever the streaming device that you may own, like a streaming console, a smart TV, a TV stick, a PC, or anything else, you need to check to make sure if these are up to date with any latest updates that have come. 

To ensure that your streaming device always stays up to date, you can even set it up on the auto-install option. This will help your device to stay updated without you having to worry about it or manually doing it. When the latest bug-fixed versions will be available, streaming issues like poor playback quality will be fixed to an extent.

The same goes for your other TV sets. Old TVs do not allow you to have the most from your streaming as they may not support many of the latest streaming technology. For instance, older TVs might not support the 4K video versions, which is tempering your streaming experience. So you may need to consider upgrading your device for a good streaming experience.

Disconnect all the idle devices from your internet network:

If the streaming quality, while you are watching your favorite show, is not as fine and crisp as you want, we may have a small quick solution for you. All you have to do is disconnect any other devices that are not in use but connected to your internet.

When many devices are connected to an internet device, they lower the bandwidth by consuming the internet even if they are not being used. Doing this will increase your bandwidth on the device you are streaming and it will be put to good use, providing you with a high-quality streaming experience.


Since online streaming platforms are currently booming, they strive to provide the best of the best user experiences to the subscribers. If the service you are subscribed to is up and running, but you are facing issues with streaming, you should try to find the problem on your end.

Whether it’s slow internet speed, an outdated streaming device, geo-restriction, or any other issue, follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to improve your watching experience in Canada.

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