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5 Habits You Must Have to Be a Good Physiotherapist


An order is a decree given by a person in authority to another person. Community life would not exist without commandments and although not all of them are true, some of them are needed. Likewise when you are dealing with the Physios matter. There are certain orders that you absolutely must follow or you will not be a good physiotherapist. These instructions can be translated into habits that every aspiring physiotherapist should follow. Here are 5 great habits you must-have if you want to become a great physiotherapist. Curious? Keep reading!

– Active treatment is better than passive treatment

You might imagine a physiotherapist to be someone with a physio table on which a patient lies. This is a stereotypical image of a physiotherapist but you shouldn’t think so. You have to think about the wider possibilities that are provided by what is commonly called active care. Instead of examining the patient in a monotonous position, why don’t you try some new movements that help with the healing process? For information, active treatment is known to have a greater long-term effect.

– More practice

You should prioritize training rather than relying solely on strengthening. Even you should understand that over-strengthening can be dangerous. Human physiology has specific characteristics and the condition of each patient is not the same. Patient A may need more reinforcement but patient B may not need it. The purpose of the exercise is not merely to have strong muscles. There are many benefits of exercise that a physiotherapist should explore and your habit of applying the right exercises is a second important point. If you are successful in growing your patient’s trust then you are one step towards success because his health is very dependent on his psychological condition.

– Not forgetting the nervous system

The nervous system should not be ignored. Many physiotherapists focus solely on muscles, tendons, and tissues. It’s wrong because you have to make sure your patient’s nervous system is in good condition first. No matter how great your treatment is, if the nervous system is not in good condition, it will be useless. But if you go from nerve repair, then the results you get will be more positive.

– Build a good relationship with your patients


A physiotherapist doesn’t just deal with muscles, tendons, and tissues. We have discussed that above but what will be discussed in this point is how to align your treatment with the patient’s will and will. If your patient is not motivated, how will he or she be able to join your program? That’s not possible! You should listen to them and start planning an exercise plan based on their will as long as it doesn’t violate the grooming rules you learn in class. The adjustment will bring you closer to the patients and as a result, they will be motivated to do whatever you tell them to do. When you are dealing with elderly patients, this fourth point becomes more important than the others. They are quite a sensitive age group and you can’t suggest what you’re suggesting to young patients.

– Get in the habit of asking questions

Some physiotherapists tend to be quiet when they deal with their patients. That’s not recommended because instead of solving the problem, they’re keeping themselves away from anything the patients might be hiding. Start by asking a few simple questions and work your way up to more complex ones. Do it as a habit, you will surely achieve better results with your patients.

These habits are what you must have if you want to become a good physiotherapist. We hope this article was useful.

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