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5 Money-Saving Outsourcing Solutions for a Small Business


When you own your own small business, outsourcing solutions to other companies is the key to long-term survival. You might be losing more money than you need to by trying to do everything. Working smarter, not harder, is the best way to get ahead with your small business.

What aspects should you outsource as a small business? Does it come down strictly to boredom? Read on to learn five money-saving outsourcing solutions for a small business!

1. Cleaning

Hiring people to take care of all your cleaning needs can add up. So, it should be no surprise that the benefits of outsourcing your cleaning needs include saving your business a lot of money. Hiring cleaning staff, doing background checks, and any special training adds up in payroll.

All of these things add up. So, outsourcing your cleaning needs becomes an easy expense. And since any custodial firm takes care of much of the background dealing with the employees, you can focus solely on your business.

2. IT Services

It should be no surprise that anything dealing with computers is on this list. From easy tasks like server patching to complex IT cloud migration tasks such as Tenant to Tenant Migration etc., everything can be outsourced nowadays. The properly educated people to hire for this are going to be on the high-end of the payroll, and it is objectively cheaper to hire an IT firm to deal with your computer, internet, and website needs. It may seem cheaper to do it in-house, but unless your new hire is both a genius and has unlimited hours in the day, you’ll want to outsource.

3. Accounting

Unless you thrive on numbers in school, accounting is unlikely to be your first love. In fact, forty percent of small business owners polled by SCORE said that accounting and taxes were their least favorite aspects of their businesses. Add to that the costs of hiring just one full-time accountant can cost you a significant amount.

Outsourcing, however, can cost significantly less. If you can work with a firm that uses cloud-based solutions such as QuickBooks Hosting.

4. Security

Usually, when you want to bring security into the mix, you hire an unarmed security guard to do rounds at night. Instead of hiring yourself, go with a reputable security firm. Whether you want someone physically there, or if you go with a remote monitoring system, it is better to have professionals take care of your security needs.

5. Customer Support

Outsourcing customer support is one of the oldest trends in business. Many companies already outsource their customer service to countries like India and France to save money. Your business could benefit from this trend as well, save big in not having to maintain even a minimal call center.

Outsourcing Solutions

Many outsourcing solutions can reduce your company’s overall overhead. You can outsource services from cleaning all the way to customer support. Working smarter, not harder, is the key to your business’s success.

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