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5 Rewarding Benefits of Concrete Driveway Installation

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Concrete driveways will last at least 20 years, if not longer when properly maintained. If you’re in need of a driveway overhaul, concrete is a guaranteed win.

Even better than its longevity, concrete is a more economical choice. And with the option of concrete stamping, you can achieve any style you want, at a fraction of the price.

Interested in learning more about the best way to get a new driveway? Then read on to learn the 5 rewarding benefits of concrete driveway installation!

1. Get the Coolest Driveway in Town

Figuratively and literally, you’ll have the coolest driveway. That’s because concrete won’t absorb as much heat as other driveway materials, like asphalt. On those hot summer days, you can shoot hoops in the driveway and feel a little cooler.

At night, you won’t need to turn on the garage lights as quickly, either. That’s because concrete reflects light. You can stand outside without needing to drive up your energy bill to see what you’re doing!

2. Your New Driveway Will Last Longer

When it comes to driveway materials, concrete will give you long-lasting results. Generally, you can expect a concrete driveway to last for at least two decades. By contrast, an asphalt driveway might not hold up for more than a decade.

Regardless of materials, choosing a reputable driveway installation service is key. Make sure that the company is using strong concrete that has a high proportion of cement. The concrete should be 4,000 PSI or higher!

3. Minimal Maintenance Follows Driveway Installation

The last thing you want to do is spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon tending to your driveway. With concrete, you won’t have to.

You may want to add a coat of sealer on an annual basis. This will help prevent moisture from interfering with the concrete. But otherwise, just plan to power wash stains and sweep the surface as needed!

4. Concrete Can Build an Eco-Friendly Driveway

You may not think of concrete as being the environmentally-friendly material of choice. But concrete can, in fact, be recycled! The cement, water, and natural materials that go into it can be repurposed as another driveway.

Going a step further, some sustainable concrete is made from coal byproducts and waste paper. With the concrete industry’s innovations, your new driveway can help reduce greenhouse emissions!

5. Gain Aesthetic Versatility with Concrete

Are you planning to sell your house soon? Then you need to consider how a new driveway can enhance the curb appeal of your home. This is particularly true if you have a front-facing garage.

With stamped concrete, you can mimic the look of slate, wood, and bricks. The process embosses the material when it’s wet to create textures and patterns.

For a stately older home, for instance, consider a cobblestone aesthetic that adds character. Best of all, you can add charm without spending as much as you would for the actual brick!

Find the Right Driveway Installation Service

Driveway installation may sound like a headache, but it represents an opportunity to add value and appeal. You can choose stamped concrete to elevate your style. And even with more basic options, you can know that you’ll have a reliable surface for decades to come.

Check back for new articles on property maintenance!

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