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5 Sneaky Ways To Wear Glasses In Style (Oliver Peoples Model)


It is a well-known fact that glasses are an important part of every outfit. They can supplement any of your looks with a high-fashioned touch. So it is important not to forget to put on eyewear if you want to get a breathtaking combination of clothes. In this article, we are going to tell you about five sneaky tricks on how to wear glasses in style and bring life into them. We guarantee that you will feel the difference before and after following these tips and definitely will notice that your outfits have become more modern and voguish!

1. Just add a little bit of color to your eyewear

Most of the time we want to wear black glasses because it seems to us like a simple decision. But when you add colorful frames or lenses you change the entire look. Do not worry, with particolored lenses you still can do different activities safely like driving or playing sports games. Only just a lighter tint on your simple optical glasses can change a game. An excellent example is the high-quality Gregory Peck Sun by Oliver Peoples. The list of trendy colors in which they are available is simply huge. One simple trick to add spice to your eyewear can draw all attention to you.

2. Experiment with eyewear designs

Nowadays there exist a lot of different and unique variants of eyewear designs. As follows our advice is to have more than one pair of glasses because it keeps your appeal more fresh and uncommon. In addition, you can also switch them up due to different types of clothes that you want to wear or depending on your mood. For example, if you want to be more sophisticated use one pair, or if you want to be more sporty use another pair of glasses.

3. Wear different frames

As we know today you can notice the amount of glasses shapes from stunning Cat-eye and Browline to timeless Rectangular and square. It is not necessary to constantly choose glasses of the same shape and wear them throughout life. Diversify your wardrobe with different shapes of glasses and combine them with different clothes to create a trendy look. Even if they don’t really go with your face shape it is not a problem if you feel good in them.

4. Add more accessories to the glasses

It is undoubtedly that glasses are an inseparable part of the wardrobe nowadays. But they look even more stylish and fashionable with other accessories. For example, make your dark classic suit more colorful just adding to it bright eyeglasses and a bag of the same color. Or put on yourself such accessories as colored sunnies in a combination with the same color earrings and be in the spotlight on the beach.

5. Stay yourself

It is always important to remain yourself and not blindly follow all fashion trends. If you think that this outfit is fashionable, then definitely it is. Don’t be afraid to experiment and improve your style, because who knows, maybe right after your appearance on the street in a modish outfit with glasses you will start a new page in fashion!

We really hope that these 5 fashion tips will be useful for every modern person that is keen on fashion and wants to wear such accessories stylishly. Feel comfortable in your own skin but don’t forget to experiment with eyewear styles to always be in a trend and look modish. In addition, sunglasses have a protective function from harmful sun rays. At the same time, eyeglasses will help you to see the world better and sharper. So, with the help of eyewear, you will get both health care and fashionable looks. 

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