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5 Swimming Activities You Need to Try

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Jumping in a pool is fun, but you can greatly increase your enjoyment in a pool by trying new activities. Whether that be trying new exercises and swimming techniques or purchasing new items to enhance your enjoyment. The world is your oyster.

Here are 5 swimming activities that you need to try.

1. New Swimming Techniques

You may have mastered the freestyle swim, but getting good at other swimming techniques is a great way to spend your time in the pool. You can increase your endurance and use muscles that you wouldn’t normally use on an everyday basis.

Even if your pool isn’t that big, you can still take the time to practice these techniques. Whether that be the butterfly or the breaststroke.

2. Buying Inflatables

Inflatables are a great way to add entertainment to your swim time. They have everything from inflatable basketball hoops to volleyball nets. All you need is the patience to blow them up and then get a ball.

From there, just grab some friends and get going. Because of the water, you’ll have to adjust your normal movements. While things like jumping may be easier, moving around and swinging may be tougher.

For those looking for an inflatable dock, be sure to check out the link.

3. Noodle Jousting

For those that enjoy getting a little rowdier, you can try noodle jousting. Noodle jousting is when you get on the shoulders of your teammate with a pool noodle and face off against your opponents that are doing the same.

The goal is to charge at each other and try and knock each other off the back of their teammate’s shoulders and into the pool. Just make sure you’re doing this in a deep enough section that no one gets hurt. Try to avoid ledges as well.

4. Meditation

Not all swimming activities need to be fun activities. Instead, you can try meditation in the pool. Being in the water, which typically means being with nature, is a great way to center yourself.

You can try just sitting on a ledge near the pool and clearing your mind. If you’re a strong swimmer, you can float on your back and let the motion of the pool bring you peace.

5. Frisbee Cornhole

Frisbee cornhole doesn’t involve any holes, but it does consist of the same method of aiming a ball or other object and landing it somewhere.

You turn two frisbees upside down in the pool, so that the flat side is on the water. From there, your goal is to throw a floating ball or whatever you choose and land it in the frisbee.

The added difficulty from the frisbee moving is a great way to test your aim.

Try These Swimming Activities When Warm Weather Comes Around

By trying these swimming activities, you’ll be bringing your time in the water to new levels of fun. Not only that, but the fitness that is required to participate in this swimming fun will help lead to an increase in your endurance. Just be sure to be safe.

If you want to learn more about the current trends taking the world by storm, be sure to check out the rest of our lifestyle blog. If you know someone that is bored with just swimming, be sure to share this article with them.

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