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5 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Skin Healthy During Summer


We all love summer – unfortunately, our skin isn’t always such a doting fan. It is no myth that the sun and our skin are not friends. You really shouldn’t be without SPF, even in those colder winter months, if you want to keep that fresh-faced glow.

Summer is an extra hassle for your skin. Fighting pollution, humidity, and sun damage can negatively impact your skin – causing it to look dull and robbing its natural glow. The heat adds to an already oil-prone area – resulting in a T zone riddled with excess sebum. This excess sebum is a nuisance and can make us more susceptible to all sorts of irritations and damages, from rashes to sunburn.

Of course, that’s no reason to avoid the sun entirely. Summer is full of fun, from BBQs, beach trips, park picnics, to so much more. So, follow our top five hints and tips to avoid missing out, protect your precious skin and help maintain that gorgeous glow all year round – even in those sweltering summer months.

1.  Switch your face cleanser

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As mentioned, the summer months cause the skin to become oilier than usual. Whereas the winter months often have a drying effect on the skin. If you naturally have oily skin, you’re bound to notice a decline in its condition during the summer months. As your skin produces more sweat, the pores inevitably become clogged, often leading to acne. For this reason, as an oily-skinned person, during the hotter months investing in a salicylic acid-based cleanser is worth the spend. Your skin will thank you.

If you have dry to combination skin, then you may find you’re more prone to rashes and irritation in the heat. So, making the switch to a soap-free facial cleanser will have your skin regaining some natural radiance.

Those of you lucky enough to be blessed with normal skin – swap to a gel-based cleanser to keep your skin feeling fresh, clean, and ready to glow!

2.  Get some sleep!

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Sleep is so important. Whether it be Summer, Winter, Autumn spring – sleeping well will help give your skin time to repair any damage that the environment has inflicted. Your skin needs a good night’s sleep during the heat to help maintain your natural glow as it has so much damage to fight. Sleep will have your skin fighting the effects of aging, improving its natural barrier and just generally making you look fresher, energized, and glowing.

However, let’s acknowledge that sometimes sleeping in the heat can become a challenge. So, if resting is something you struggle with, why not try Red Dragon Kratom Effects. Kratom can reduce anxieties – relaxing you, and results in a great night’s sleep that will have your skin feeling grateful – rewarding you with that natural glow you crave.

3.  Opt for minimal make-up

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When it’s hot, you wear fewer layers of clothing to allow your body to breathe. Your face is no different – opt for minimal make-up to let your face breathe too!

It’s best to avoid wearing foundation and heavy powders but, if you still feel like you need some form of coverage, try going for a tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Both of these foundation alternatives are much lighter on the face and will allow your skin the chance to glow naturally!

Don’t forget your SPF, come rain or shine – that stuff is liquid gold and will keep your skin glowing for years to come.

4.  Stay Hydrated


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Drinking water may seem like a no-brainer but, if you want your skin to be healthy – start with the inside. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and then hydrate again! Water is truly you and your skin’s best friend, especially in the hotter months.

The recommended minimum amount of water you should be consuming each day stands at roughly 2 liters. However, when it’s hot, a little more than the recommended daily dose will have you and your skin feeling and looking healthier and stop you from becoming dehydrated.

Not only this but, drinking more water can help fight breakouts so you can have naturally glowing skin all year round!

5.  Up your Vitamin C

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Whether you do it through your diet by eating more oranges, strawberries, or other enriched foods, or decide to opt for face creams enriched with the antioxidant – increase your Vitamin C levels. Upping your Vitamin C helps protect your skin from the harshness of the environment, boosts collagen production, and helps fight pesky wrinkles – giving your skin a helping hand during those hotter months.

Facial products that contain Vitamin C are often slightly exfoliating too, which helps rid your skin of any unwanted dark circles that appear. Exfoliating in the summer will also work wonders for your skin as it helps to get rid of any dead cells and allows fresh new ones to replace them – allowing a beautiful glow to break through and reveal itself.


There you have our five top hints and tips to get your summer glow on and maintain healthy and radiant skin – no matter the climate. Follow these summer tips, and you’ll be feeling and looking healthy while your skin glows.

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