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5 Uses for Your LED Strip Lights


The popularity of LED strip lights has grown exponentially in recent years due to the fact that they provide a very cost-effective method of lighting space. LED strip lights are highly versatile, flexible, lightweight and simple to install.

LED strip lights are the most popular form of LED lighting and have a variety of different uses. 

The LED lighting of commercial space

Shelves are used by most commercial and retail spaces to display items for sale. These shelves can vary wildly in design, shape and size but all need to be lit in the best way to ensure those items are properly displayed. 

LED strip lights are an excellent method of lighting commercial shelves because of their cost-effectiveness and that they allow for much flexibility and creativity in the design. LED strip lights focus light in just the one direction, unlike with fluorescent lighting, which eliminates the requirement for the use of reflectors and diffusers and provides greater strength to their illumination. 

Lighting effects that can be created with LED strip lights include concentrated lighting, diffused lighting and neon lighting. 

There are a number of other advantages to making use of LED strip lights for the purposes of commercial lighting. LED strip lights are always very vivid and vibrant and the number of base colours that they are available in – amber, blue, green and red – can be mixed to come up with a multitude of different shades without any necessity for filters. 

LED strip lights can be as small as just two millimetres with many even being customisable, which makes them ideal for fitting into difficult to reach and compact spaces. 

Sign and advertisement lighting

The majority of companies that have some kind of storefront or physical office will have at least examined the notion of commercial signage, and those that have a sign already are likely to be continually struggling with increasing energy and maintenance expenses in addition to tubes and bulbs that have burnt out. 

The way that adverts and signs are lit has been revolutionised by the use of LED strip lights. There are many different ideas for the use of LED strip lights in this area including creative 3D hoardings and billboards.

The small size of LED strip lights means that there are many different ways to configure and align them for the illumination of an infinite array of commercial signage shapes both outdoors and indoors and they can also be easily made resistant to dust and water. 

The precise and direct illumination provided by LED strip lights make them the ideal source of backlighting for the likes of company logos and letters.    

LED strip lights are easy to maintain, economical and flexible, meaning that advertisers and creative designers have greater freedom and fewer lighting limitations to design adverts around, as any design type can be illuminated by LED strip lights. 

LED neon lights are also safer and more affordable than glass neon lights, and make it a lot easier to backlight small and large advert displays. LED strip lights that are capable of changing colour can also be used to add extra appeal to signs. 

The improvement in the technology in recent years also means that there has been a dramatic reduction even in the initial outlay for LED strip lights, making them more accessible to a greater number of business owners. 

Bar and cafe mood lighting

Mood lighting gives a space its own special ambience, which is why it is used to great effect in most bars and cafes. The technique allows for particular aspects of a space to be enhanced with the use of bright lights while dimming the lights in the rest of the space. 

LED strip lights are particularly effective for mood lighting as the colour and the colour temperature can be easily changed to allow for the creation of a different ambience in a restaurant or cafe. 

Ceiling Lighting

LED strip lights are frequently used to light ceilings as they come in a variety of different sizes and are able to be installed as a pendant, recessed or surface mounted lights. They are also an attractive option for ceiling lighting due to their versatile nature and the fact that wireless remotes can be used to control them. 

Ceilings can be lit in many creative ways, including with aluminium extensions to add extra class or LED linear lights for maximum illumination. 

Large space lighting

Light sources with a high degree of luminosity are required for inspection rooms in the likes of factories, hospitals, labs and schools, and high power LED light strips are ideal for this purpose, being very bright while still using less power than more traditional light sources. 

Bright LED light strips can be used in operating theatres and workshops, without fear of overheating. 

The versatility of LED light strips means that they can easily light any space. 

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