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5 Ways Technology Has Changed The Face Of The Courier Industry

Courier Industry

The courier industry has changed so drastically in the past decade that it is almost unrecognizable from its former self. Technological advancements have improved business connectivity, and the boom of e-commerce has played a significant role in this massive change.

The courier companies operate on a different level these days – most companies have embraced this change with open arms. Being able to rely on improved customer experience through small and large changes has altered the way we do business – both with other businesses and with customers.

Below are five of the most significant ways that technology has changed the face of the courier industry for the better:

Satellite Navigation

The best way to improve a courier service is by using satellite navigation and user-influenced technologies to map out routes for improved planning purposes. Technology has completely transformed the courier service’s route planning abilities and allowed them to operate with enhanced efficiency.

With the proper software applications, couriers can adapt routes based on traffic backlogs and delays to prevent traffic from causing delivery issues.

Product Requirements

In the last decade, there has been a vast improvement made in the way goods are transported which is fantastic news for start-ups. With refrigerated delivery vehicles, companies can now choose couriers that can keep their products at the required temperature or under specific transport conditions throughout the journey of their products.

If this technology didn’t exist, transporting the COVID-19 vaccinations would have been near impossible as they had to remain chilled for the entire duration of their trip.

Customer Variables

One of the biggest problems facing courier companies lies in the delivery process. Sometimes customers are not at home to receive their delivery and previously the delivery person would leave an apologetic note behind to explain why their parcel was not delivered.

Using modern technology, customers can now reschedule their deliveries and ensure their experience with is as pleasant as possible. Courier services need to be dynamic to keep up with the demands of their busiest customers.

Driver Management

Over the past few years, there has been an undeniable boom in on-demand delivery services for businesses and consumers. In the modern world, an effective driver management solution is vital for fluid fleet operations.

Managing your drivers is a key element for enabling a safe environment for your staff as well as for identifying and eliminating inefficiencies within your team. Most drivers know that their role is crucial for the business and with the proper software in place, you can easily weed out the ones who waste time during their routes.

Delivery Tracking

The last way modern technology has radically changed the way courier companies do business is by offering a comprehensive parcel or delivery tracking link. Your customer journey is significantly improved when they can track their order in real-time.

If your company cannot offer real-time tracking, the least it can offer is an accurate tracking process whereby customers can view and track their parcel as it moves through the various destination points along the delivery route.

Happier customers mean a better business, and who doesn’t want that?

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