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5 ways to get your thesis statement approved by your professor


A thesis statement is the essence of an essay. It vitally plays a role in introducing the essay topic and summarizing it in one or two sentences. In any research document, a thesis statement is added to introduce the dissertation. Its primary purpose is to make the essay a success, and you can do that if the thesis statement is a solid one. 

On many occasions, your thesis statement is rejected or not approved by your professors because the statement is not a strong one. Or you have abridged the topic of the essay in a good way. To increase the chances of your professors approving your thesis statement, you can follow the guide below. 

Make a solid outline statement. 

Before you write your thesis statement, you need to be sure about what you want to write. To create a good outline, you need to get all your ideas and information into one area. It will help if you brainstorm before you make your thesis statement. 

You cannot just go all in; you need to be sensible about this. A thesis statement, if done wrong, can affect your essay. If you want your dissertation to be well constructed, you need to make multiple drafts after you are satisfied with the quality, then can you proceed without any troubles. 

Build the structure 

The structure of the thesis statement should be simple and easy. It should not be hard to understand; instead, it should have a good flow without any ambiguity left for the readers. The statement should be to the point, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be vague. 

For example:

“CO2 cannot be seen by the naked eye but it has effects that cannot be reversed. Great changes should be made. If humans want to have a future where their children do not have to face the constant earthquakes, temperature rise, natural disasters, melting ice, and rising sea levels.”

The thesis statement above has complete information, taking into consideration all the factors. It is not imprecise; it is detailed without exceeding its limits. An excellent online thesis writer would know how to make a thesis statement like that within no time.

Location of the thesis statement

The thesis statement’s position is crucial, and you cannot place it anywhere you please. However, it should be located at a specific area of an essay to make the most impact. A thesis statement is usually added at the end of the first paragraph of the introduction. 

High readability 

When you write your thesis statement, the first thing you should think about is that the readability of said statement should be high. Therefore, you should create a thesis statement that the readers cannot understand. 

The primary purpose of your thesis statement is to have the readers understand your essay. If your sentences are wordy and long-winded, nobody would want to read that. When you wish to buy thesis online or an essay online, the professional writer will have an 85% or higher readability. You have to do the same with your thesis statement, check its readability to make sure that the readers understand your viewpoint. 

Professors opinion

Some professors are different than others. They have different perspectives and opinions. Suppose your professor is a picky one that is set in their way. It would be best if you got their opinion before you start with your thesis statement. Ask them what they are expecting from your work. When you do this, their opinion will add- reduce the mistakes you will make if you didn’t have complete information. 

Expert’s tip: 

Get a third person to proofread your thesis statement. Sometimes you need a new set of eyes to go through your document. You might have missed some information that the third person can add. No knowledge is wasted, therefore always ask for help.

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