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6 fascinating ways to decorate your Easter Eggs

6 fascinating ways to decorate your Easter Eggs

Easter is a day which is always on a Sunday, in which people celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, people do believe that Jesus Christ came back after the third day, once he was executed on a cross. The day on which he was executed is a Friday and people believe that he came back on Sunday the Easter so they celebrate a lot of things on Sunday, as the rebirth of Jesus Christ. The egg is one of the ancient symbols which represent the new birth or new life, here are the 6 fascinating ways to decorate your easter eggs:

1. Gold Easter Eggs

There are various ways to decorate the eggs, one of the ways is to decorate the egg in golden colour as it is believed that Jesus came from the golden egg. This will look good when you decorate the egg. The egg is artificial and you can completely decorate the egg as per your mentality. If you are in Italy then it would be good as there are some good online websites available which will provide the best easter egg, so that you can order easter gift delivery in Italy.

2. Unicorn Easter Eggs

This is one of the best eggs when it is decorated. For this, you have to fill a pan full of water so that the egg should be completely dipped then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 6 drops of red colour into the bowl. Mix the mixture and then put all the hard-boiled egg and place till it gets coloured.

3. Perfect Flower Easter Eggs

People are searching for the new and latest technology to decorate the egg in a different manner, one of the ways is to decorate the egg along with the flowers, there are various flowers available in the market which are used to decorate the flower, firstly you have to colour the egg with some colour and then you have to stick the natural flowers on it so that it will look good. You can also take the help of an online website so that you can send Easter flower online to your location.

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4. Ukrainian Dyed Eggs

Ukrainian Dyed Eggs is one of the eggs which is completely different from the normal decorated egg, you can decorate the egg with the help of painting as per your choice, there are various colours available which can be used to decorate the egg. This is one of the best and easy egg decorating ideas that can be done by anyone and it gives a different look to an egg.

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5. Crazy Cress Egg Heads

This is one of the best techniques to make some proper design, you can create anyone faces just like your grandfather or grandmother face, you just have to place some eye on an egg and open the top of the egg and fill with some green leaves so that it looks like a face. There are various artificial eggs available on various websites that you can book as per your choice and the main thing is that they will deliver the egg at your location.

6. Funky Easter Egg People

There are various easy egg decorating ideas available in the market and you can choose as per your interest, one of the best ways is to make a funky easter egg people, for that you have to colour the egg and place the egg in a dress. Decorate the egg like a face of a human being and it will give a nice look to the egg. There are various websites where you can bring the dress for the egg which looks good and it would be a different way to decorate the egg.

There are various websites available in the market which deliver the egg at your location, it depends upon your budget that which type of eggs and decorative things you want to purchase from the website. The main thing is that you want to celebrate Easter with and decorate the egg. The main thing is that you are praying for Jesus Christ and it will be a good thing, the main motto of such celebration is that everyone from the family and friends comes together and share their love with each other and just remember Jesus Christ.

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