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6 Major Differences Between Vape Pods and Vape Kits

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Understanding the vape jargon from every angle is quite beneficial, especially to your vaping experiences. It might be pretty confusing for novices since the vape industry seems to be evolving at a neck-break pace.

Taking a keen interest in all that has to do with it makes learning the foundational truths easier before making it a lifestyle.

Vape pods and pod kits are among the most famous examples of products that get most clients mixed up. Here are six significant differences between vape pods and pod kits.

1.  Use of Different E juices

The type of e-liquid you use with your device is also a significant difference between vape pods and pod kits. You may find specific devices using prefilled cartridges or disposable ones if they don’t have refillable tanks.

You can, therefore, use the device with most e-liquids without experiencing any problems. You can also get to choose the Smok Nord exclusive collection or any distinct flavors you like. There is also flexibility in picking the correct type of e juice for your device with vape pods.

With vape pens, you can either get one with a refillable tank or use pre-filled cartridges. Both versions have their pros and cons, where you might need to do a bit of research before deciding which is better for you.

2.  Location and Availability of Buttons

While some may not have buttons, others may have them but with a location that contributes to the mystery and thrill of using a vape pod. Availability of buttons means you could either push or slide the buttons.

In contrast, the availability of buttons on the pod kits depends on the type you’re using. Regularly, vapers find it easier to use vape kits due to their straightforward approach to their general operation.

There won’t be much of a hassle in locating the buttons and how to operate them. Some vape pods may only be best suited for experts who already know their way around each model device. You may have come across those with multiple buttons that make it look astonishing.

3.  Sharp Contrast in Use of Batteries

While they both need batteries to function efficiently, the difference lies in the types of batteries they use. There are various kinds of batteries spread out across the vape market.

A passionate vaper has to muster the wide variety of vape batteries on the market and use them effectively. Vape pods are flexible and can go both ways. This means they could use batteries that range anywhere between internal and removable batteries.

On the other hand, a pod kit only uses a removable battery that needs to be changed as often as it’s used. They don’t just use any batteries but the ones with larger capacity.

Each of the batteries mentioned is unique and functions efficiently depending on a couple of factors. For instance, care and maintenance practices are paramount and the general quality of the batteries in question.

4.  Varying Power Voltages

Vape pods may be on the verge of outshining their pod kits counterparts due to their flexibility. This delightful factor extends to the power voltage. In vaping, manufacturers are usually keen on adjustable and fixed power voltages.

As the names suggest, one can only withstand a level of voltage power set by the manufacturer. The other can be adjusted to suit the energy that can directly go towards the vape coil.

Pod kits are suited only to enjoy the privileges of a fixed power voltage. The variables also depend on the type and brand of the pod kit. The less fancy ones that are easier to operate are known to possess the fixed wattage.

In pod kits, it’s not possible to adjust the voltage settings to the one that works for you due to the battery the device uses. The battery is significant in such a setting because it triggers the wattage level.

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5.  The Difference in Vaping Styles

Not all vape devices are designed to function equally, especially in regards to vaping styles. The ever-changing times have introduced an array of vaping methods for each device used.

Some of the most popular include the mouth to lung and direct to lung. Users can settle for any of the two based on the vape draw that they are after. As usual, vape pods are supple and can deliver perfect results regardless of the vaping style used.

Pod kits are primarily suited to sustain the direct-to-lung vaping style.

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6.  Varying Shapes and Sizes

Vape pods come in multiple sizes and shapes that engage intrigued clients when shopping. They perform almost similar functions, but their appearances might slightly confuse the newest vaper in town.

Pod kits are easier to pick out owing to their relentless need for manufacturers to stick to a standard appearance. It’s been beneficial to its fans in many ways since clients already know how to tell them apart from others.

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Familiarizing oneself with the qualities of vape pods and pod kits strings along with a multitude of benefits. One of them is being able only to purchase quality vape products rather than substandard ones.

What’s more, manufacturers of the same also become more transparent. It’s easier to trace their highly-anticipated work online and even in local stores. Knowing each of the differences listed above is paramount as it sustains a healthy vaping life.

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