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6 Reasons to Consider TV Wall Mounting

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The Central Coast has become one of the largest areas in the state of  New South Wales, with a population nearing 317,000 in 2020. The Queensland urban region has become famous for various tourist spots like sandy beaches, the Australian Reptile Park, and Bouddi Coastal Walk. These are some of the main reasons to consider living here.  

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If you purchase an in-home TV set, you’ll be among 82% of Australians who did so. Flat screen TVs are the most popular choice today and are available with features like 4K resolution, surround sound, and internet connectivity through smart TVs. The main installation options include a TV stand and TV wall mounting central coast. Wall mounting can provide several possible benefits, including the following:

Saves Space for Furniture and Other Items 

Wall amounting achieves this goal by eliminating the need to purchase an entertainment centre. Queensland installers can thus save valuable floor space. 

You can also hide TV accessories like TV boxes or Blu-Ray players. The result is a neat appearance that provides a more relaxing atmosphere when you use the TV for watching streaming videos, playing video games, or catching football matches of the Central Coast Mariners.

There are also situations that make it challenging to install a TV cabinet. This includes space-hogging items in typical living rooms include coffee tables, couches, and recliners. Installing a TV on the wall can free up walking space, reduce clutter, and allow more room for furniture pieces.

Flat Screen TVs Are Built for Wall Mounting 

Wall mounting by Queensland-based installers is perfect for flat-screen televisions. The backs of these TVs have mounting holes that are designed for home walls. This option then provides the best viewing angles. 

Creates a Clean Look with Hidden Wires and Cables

Central Coast installers can achieve this by hiding electric cables that would be more visible when using a TV stand. Wall mounts can provide a streamlined appearance and avoid a bird’s nest of cords. Meanwhile, a home theatre installer can help you pick the right cable management items.

 The main difference is the professional installer runs the TV cables in the wall cavity instead of behind the television set. This creates a cleaner look for the household appliance. 

Professional Installers Can Troubleshoot Problems 

There are some possible challenges when installing wall-mounted TVs including wall type, nearby chimneys in older houses, and Wi-Fi interference. These are all issues that might pose some possible problems that a professional TV installer can solve easily. 

Provides Better Household Safety than TV Stands 

If your Queensland home has cats or kids in your home, there’s a good chance you could experience TV stands getting knocked over if they’re on a stand. This could result in the home electronics unit getting damaged or destroyed, which are situations you’ll want to avoid. Meanwhile, if you mount your TV to a wall, you can avoid such accidental bumps.   

Today’s average TVs, including HD/UHD models, weigh up to about 27kg, while some TV mounts can support 2x that weight. A professional TV installer in Central Coast can use the right mounting hardware to ensure the television is installed safely to a living room wall, for example. 

Adjustable for More Comfort and Less Glare  

When pro installers like TV wall mounting central coast install TVs, they can use mounting hardware that helps to reduce eye strain and neck strain.  

This helps to allow tilting or swivelling adjustment, so your family will get an optimised viewing angle. For example, you can make angle tweaks based on the viewers’ location in the room and reduce sunlight glare. You could even swivel the TV before watching it from an adjacent room. 

If you’re in the market for a new TV, then you should consider wall mounting for the best installation. You can experience benefits in your Central Coast home related to aesthetics, space, and safety, and several others.

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