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8 Smart Hacks To Help You Improve Your Water Intake


Drinking water is very essential to maintain a healthy body and beautiful skin. Women especially need more than 2 liters of water every day to maintain their body hydration. Whether you get your water from a plastic water bottle, water tap, or canned aluminum water, the most important thing is ensuring that you have sufficient water to digest for your body.

If you realize that your urine color is more yellowish, and you don’t drink at the very least once every 3 hours, it is not a good sign! Here are some tips you can do to increase your daily consumption.

Drink Water Right Away After Urinating

Every time you urinate, you are removing fluids from the body. Thus to maintain the fluid properly, you need to refill it again. Urinating can be like an alarm for you, where you should drink a glass of right away after you unload your fluid at the toilet. 

Drink Water After Waking Up in The Morning

One of the best times to drink water is right after you wake up. When you are asleep, the body does not get fluid intake for approximately 7-8 hours. Thus when you wake up, you will generally feel thirsty, which is an indication that your body is dehydrated.

Therefore, you need to immediately replenish the body’s supply by drinking one to two glasses of . In addition, drinking in the morning also accelerates metabolism and helps get rid of toxins in the body. Thus it can help to keep your body healthy all the time.

A Glass of Water Before Eating

Drinking a glass of water before eating helps cut your calorie intake by filling you up faster. It can help you control your appetite so you won’t overeat. Thus why drinking before eating is the perfect strategy for people who are currently on a weight loss program. Aside from it can help to maintain your hydration level, it can also help you to quench your appetite.

Set Alarm To Drink

This one is the ultimate tip that can help you to drink more regularly. Set your cell phone alarm to go off every hour. Every time the alarm goes off you should drink a glass. Apart from setting an alarm manually, you can also use a smart app to track your daily intake. There are lots of recommended applications that you can download through Play Store or App Store. 

Keep Water Bottle At Arm’s Reach

When you are busy with work, it may be more difficult for you to go back and forth to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Therefore, make sure you put your bottle at arm’s reach, thus you can easily reach for it every time your alarm goes off or when you feel thirsty. 

A water bottle is very convenient and you can bring it anywhere with you easily. Every time you plan to go out, don’t forget to fill the bottle and keep it close to you. Thus you will be secure because you have enough for the day. Doing this can also help you to save money because having a bottle will prevent you from needing to buy any drink beverages at the convenience store.

Follow The 1:1 Rule 

When hanging out with friends at a cafe or bar, you should follow the one-to-one (1:1) rule. After finishing every glass of non-water beverage, you should drink one glass of afterward. Alcohol and coffee are diuretics, thus you need to keep your body from getting dehydrated.

Infused Water To The Rescue

If you don’t like drinking lots of water because it tastes plain, you can add fresh fruit slices to your and make infused instead! You can add sliced ​​strawberries and lemon, or cucumber and mint leaves in your and let it chill for a while in the refrigerator. Aside from helping you to get the proper amount of inside your body, infused can also help you get added vitamins from the fruit!

Consume Fruits With High Water Content

One trick to keep your body hydrated without drinking is by eating fruit with high content. Watermelon and strawberries have a content of up to 92%. Other fruits and vegetables that contain high fluid levels are cucumbers, celery, grapes, tomatoes, pineapples, and oranges.

Consuming foods that contain lots of is very good for your overall health. This can be another solution for those of you who don’t like the taste of plain. But keep in mind,it does not mean that it can be a total substitute for drinking. You still need to drink the appropriate amount of even if you have eaten lots of food that has high content.

Drinking is very beneficial for our health. Thus why many experts can’t stress enough, just how important it is for us to drink diligently. Hopefully, these tips can help you to drink more from now on!

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