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8 Training Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know


Once you bring in your furry little friend, it’s time to train them and let them get adapted to your house. There are over 470 million pet dogs worldwide and most of them learn how to catch on pretty quickly.

With proper training and guidance, your dog can be much more than just a companion- it will literally turn into your family member!

Here are eight training tips that you should know while teaching your dog.

1. Choose the name wisely

Almost all of us choose a random dog name without thinking much about it. However, experts say that choosing a short name is better since you can easily call out that name.

So names like “Jack” or “Jane” work well. If you’ve rescued an abusive dog, it might already have a name. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rename your little friend. Dogs are very adaptable and can adjust to their new name easily.

2. Decide on the house rules

Even before you bring your pet inside, you should have a clear idea of what your pet can or can’t do inside the house. Will it be allowed to sleep with you on the bed? Can it curl up on the sofa or will you buy a separate one for it?

After you decide on some ground rules, it’ll be easier to help them understand them. If you’re confused, writing down some of the rules might help.

3. Make a private den

Any animal, be it a human or a dog, wants its own den. As early as possible, you should give your pup a comfortable sleeping place. Make sure it’s lined with blankets, pillows, and toys.

Leave it there to play or sleep for a few minutes every day and gradually turn it up to a few hours. This will prevent your pet from suffering from separation anxiety.

4. Make your dog relaxed

When you bring your baby home, give it a hot water bottle and a ticking clock next to where it’s sleeping. This will imitate the environment where its littermates used to sleep, thus calming your puppy’s nerves.

Being in a new habitat can be hard for a little child and your puppy will understandably be anxious. So you need to make sure it feels at home on the very first day.

5. Give rewards

Nothing boosts a dog’s morale than yummy treats!

Whenever your puppy listens to you or does something good, reward that action by giving it a small treat or two. Be careful to buy pet supplies like dog treats or chewy bones from a reputable dog store.

Always make sure to give treats that are recommended by the vet and are suitable for your puppy’s breed and age. On the other hand, never reward bad behavior because that will encourage them to do wrong things.

6. Follow dog time

Dogs tend to live in the moment. This means that five minutes after they’ve done something naughty like wetting the carpet, they’ll forget about it. So whenever you catch your dog in the act of doing something wrong, tell them firmly to not do it.

Use your chosen technique of training right away before your pet forgets and moves on. It might not work for the first few times but constant reinforcement will surely teach your dog to refrain from being mischievous.

7. Say no to biting

Puppies have a really bad habit of biting and nipping at everything they see, especially when their teeth are about to grow.

Never encourage this habit of theirs because they might continue doing it long after their teeth have grown. The moment your dog bites you, say a firm no. To ease this teething phase, buy them lots of chewy toys.

8. Make training fun

Your puppy has tried its best to listen to all your commands. It’s now time to reciprocate the love and end the training on a positive note. Make each session fun.

Give lots of belly rubs and praises so that training is always perceived as a fun activity rather than something to be afraid of.

Over to you…

Training your pet can take a lot of time, depending on its age and behavior. While some dogs take just a month or two to get the hang of it, others might take up to 5-6 months. Remember to not lose patience and always treat your baby with love and care!

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