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A Comprehensive Guide to Take Your Dog on a Road Trip


You’ve packed and ready to go, but you’re still feeling a little left out as you watch your dog explore the backseat. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways you can involve them in fun and make sure they have a great time on the road. Here’s everything you need to know about taking your dog with you on your next trip — even if it’s just for a drive around town.

Get Ready for the Road Trip

Before your trip, take a few extra days off work. You must plan your route carefully and allow time for stops and pit stops. Keep your dog in mind and plan a way accordingly. Ensure your dog gets ample breaks during the trip so that he doesn’t bother you for it while driving.

Also, make sure that you have the right supplies with you. Some crucial supplies to pack include:

  • Spare leash – This is the most obvious but often overlooked item when packing for a road trip with your dog. If someone happens to step on or run over your dog’s leash or if it gets tangled in something, you’ll be glad you had another one handy.
  • Treats – Treats are also a great way to help keep your pup occupied on long drives, especially if he gets car sick along the way (which many dogs do).
  • Water bowls – Make sure you bring enough bowls so that all family members can easily share water with their canine companion during short and long stops at rest areas, gas stations, or hotels.
  • Carriers – Use carriers when transporting puppies or senior dogs who may not be able to hold themselves up nicely in small spaces, such as crates.
  • Crates – Easily accessible from doors of vehicles so as not to hinder any potential escape plans made by mischievous pets who love chewing on things like seatbelts!
  • Harnesses – Use a harness when you take your dog out of the car, so he doesn’t wander off or get in the way of other drivers. You can also use a harness to tie your dog to the seat so that he doesn’t fall when you hit the breaks on your trip.

You need to take out time to buy all these supplies if you don’t already have them. But if you are running out of time and need an alternative way, online shopping is the best option. There are several online sites for pet accessories that can cater to all your 711719541028 needs.

PetCareRX, a certified and accredited supplier for pet care products, medicines, and accessories, could be an excellent choice. You can use the site to order the supplies from the comfort of your home and get everything delivered to your doorstep.


Keep a Dog Travel Bag Handy

Having a dog travel bag is essential if you’re going on a road trip. A dog travel bag is a must-have item for road trips because it can store all the supplies and equipment you need for your dog during the journey. Dog travel bags are available in many different sizes and styles, so finding one that fits your needs and preferences should be relatively easy.

Feed Your Dog Before You Leave

The behavior of pets and humans is the same when it comes to having an empty or upset tummy. Hence, feeding your dog is essential because it ensures he won’t be hungry while on the road. This also ensures that he remains a good passenger instead of trying to eat everything in sight.

However, you don’t want to overfeed your furry friend. If you feed him too much, he’ll get sick or have an accident in the car. You can consult with your vet to feed your dog the right amount of food.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Unattended in a Vehicle

Leaving your dog unattended in a vehicle can be dangerous. Many states have laws against this, and it’s for a good reason: dogs can get overheated, sick, injured, or stolen when left alone in cars. The temperatures inside vehicles rise rapidly during warm weather. Even if you’re only gone for a few minutes and use the air conditioning (or open windows), it can soon be too hot for your dog. Leaving dogs unattended also puts them at risk of being stolen by someone who sees an opportunity while you’re away from your vehicle.

If you absolutely must leave your dog alone in your vehicle on occasion—perhaps because he needs medical attention that takes more than 15 minutes—call ahead to ensure plenty of space available at the veterinarian’s office or hospital. It is also wise to choose a route with multiple vet clinics on the way. Get the contact details of these clinics beforehand so that you don’t have to rush into the clinic and wait for your turn.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable With Their Company

You might think that allowing your dog to sleep in the car would be a great way to keep them comfortable during a long trip, but it’s not recommended. Dogs sleeping in their vehicles can cause serious health problems: They can get too hot or too cold, and they might develop heart issues from spending too much time in one position.

Simultaneously, you don’t even want them to become hyperactive. Letting them become hyperactive can divert your focus from the road and lead to accidents. Hence, it is wise to let them rest but keep petting them at regular intervals and take frequent breaks.

If you’re driving for eight hours straight, take breaks every couple of hours so both of you can stretch and walk around for a bit. Also, make sure your pet has access to water at all times during the trip.


If you take the time to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable when traveling by car, you may find that it’s no more difficult than doing so with a human. There are lots of people who are doing this. Around 78% of Americans travel with their pets annually. Whether or not this is your first time going on a road trip with your dog, we hope that we’ve been able to help you prepare for any situation that might arise during your travels.

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