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Was 2020 the worst Year? Here’s a Quick Review of What happened in 2020:


No doubt, 2020 was a year full of surprises so far, some of the devastating incidents happened that no one has ever asked for. I find it interesting to collect all the shocking incidents that happen in 2020 and present them in a nutshell. Basically,” It’s Rewind Time “.

2020 Rewind

Many such bad events happened in 2020 including the Corona Pandemic and Floyd’s murder, but our elders may disagree with the fact of considering 2020 the worst year as back in time, more catastrophic incidents take place back in 1918 when the flue pandemic was declared. Because of that, about 50 million people died, so the 2020 year wasn’t quite bad yet.

Let’s have a quick look at the 2020 year and check whether it is the worst year?. One of the most devastating 2020 incidents is the COVID-19 pandemic which was earth-shaking, with 1.7 million+ deaths with the affection of more than 220+ countries reported Dec.2019 – Dec.2020.

2020 Rewind / Facts:

2020 was nothing more a collection of the tale of horrors, each day a new incident causing sudden great damage was revealed. It was a true nightmare with no estimated end but still, it is ending, that doesn’t mean the crisis will end soon as it was not due to 2020.

In this guide, I listed out the 2020 incidents. Read this article to end to get what happened in 2020:

2020 Beirut Explosion:

2020 Beirut Explosion

Another heart-wrenching 2020 incident was the Beirut Explosion which resulted in severe damage and 203 people were confirmed to die in this incident leaving 6500 people injured.

Property damage was estimated to be equivalent to 15 Billion US dollars and more than 300,000 people were left behind homeless. The Government declared a two-week state of emergency in the country.

The shockwave of this explosion was so severe that it has shaken the ground far away. It was felt even in Turkey, Syria, Israel, and different parts of Europe. It is considered to be one of the most powerful explosions led by artificial non-nuclear substances. The explosion was due to the ammonium nitrate stored in a large amount at the port of Beirut.

President-Elect Joe Biden:

President-Elect Joe Biden

Joe Briden was elected as a nominee of the Presidential for the Democratic party. He became the 46th president of the US on Nov,7, with 306 votes against incumbent President Donald Trump.

On Jan. 20, 2021. Biden will be introduced as the 46th president of the United States.

Chadwick Boseman’s Shocking Death News:

Chadwick Boseman's Shocking Death News

Chadwick Boseman is known for his incredible acting in Black Panther as the King of Wakanda will be remembered forever. After more than 4 years of his death battle with colon cancer, he finally lost.

He died on Aug.28 and shocked the fans all around the globe. Not only Black panther, but he had also done many blockbuster films and his sudden death was not less than heart-wrenching news.

Killing of George Floyd Sparked Protests #BlackLivesMatters:


George Floyd was the African American who was killed in police custody, but it was not the first case that sparked the protests. Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor are two more personalities that were considered to be killed due to police brutality.

So to stop this brutality and raise voice to gain rights for black in America, many rallies and protests were conducted by the Americans. But the death of George Floyd with recorded evidence that a police inspector pinned him to the ground, he was repeatedly saying,” I can’t breathe“.Derek Chauvin kept his head down under his kneel for 8 min and 46 seconds.

After the video went viral on Youtube and other social media platforms, protests in states of the US. The shockwave of protests was peaceful but sometimes violent.

The protests were extended when again a person Jacob Blake was shot by a cop.

Catastrophic Bushfire in Australia happened:

Bushfire in Australia

One of the most disastrous incidents was the bushfire that continued in 2020 which took millions of wildlife. An event that can’t easily be forgotten over time was referred to as “Back Summer”.

the 2019–20 Australian bushfire season was recorded to be one of the most ruinous bushfire seasons ever in Australia’s history. The report conducted till March 2020, shows a total of an estimated 18 million hectares including more than 5500 buildings that were destroyed. It took 34 human lives.

Animal Dying

More than 3 billion Wildlife were affected by the bushfire with the majority of reptiles. It was an earth-shaking incident and will be remembered for years. Some might consider it to be because of 2020 but deep down we all know it was a natural disaster. According to NASA 300 + million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide had been emitted as a result on January 2, 2020.

Covid 19 Pandemic was declared as an outbreak:

Covid 19

The Covid-19 pandemic well known as coronavirus was first identified in 2019 but declared as an outbreak in January 2020. The virus threatened the world by affecting more than 230 countries and territories revealed by our 2020 review.

The Corona outbreak affected the economy as well as culture and politics badly. The economic impact was so devastating that millions of jobs were lost globally and the rate of unemployment rose dramatically. One expert at Washington University reveals that the world’s supply chain was impacted by 300 + Billion dollars that can last up to more than 2 years.

The 2020 review reveals that this year was not as good as expected back in 2020. It took so many lives but that doesn’t mean we can’t have any positive expectations towards the future. On the side, the pandemic was declared, but on the other end, the mother earth was healing and such incredible changes were seen in the atmosphere and pollution control.

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Corona New Variant Revealed in December 2020:


On December 14, a new variant of the deadly corona was discovered in England with a mutation in its spike protein. The virus was named VOC-202012/01. The affected spike proteins with mutation make it spread easily and the variant B.1.1.7. Was later called and major genetic changes in it were seen.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, many important events were postponed for the next year. Lockdown was held in many countries to prevent the coronavirus from spreading and it’s still going on. Let’s talk about the work on vaccine:

Corona Vaccine Trials Are Seen Effective :

Corona Vaccine

In our 2020 review section of the Covid-19 outbreak, for now, we had seen how far it went and how catastrophically it took so many lives. But on the other hands our scientists and doctors are working hard to make a Covid-19 vaccine that can beat this deadly virus, here’s what they got so far in this year:

57 candidates for the vaccine were in the research area, 40 of them were in phase 3 trials and 17 were in phase 2, 3 trials, reported in December 2020. It was seen that in the trials in phase three, the Covid-19 vaccines were seen to be more than 95% efficient in fighting with the Covid-19.

Five Covid-19 Vaccines were approved by National Regulatory as of this year for the public:

  1. tozinameran
  2. BIBP-CorV
  3. CoronaVac
  4. mRNA-1273
  5. Gam-COVID-Vac

To Vaccinate around 3 billion people, the estimated manufacturing of vaccines is done by 2021. By December, more than 9.9 billion vaccine doses were pre-ordered by countries and almost half of them were those from high-income countries.

This is what we discovered so far about Covid-19 in our year 2020 review.

Was the 2020 Year the cursed one?

In short, if someone considered the 2020 year as the cursed one, nothing about it was cursed. Protests, corona are just random events that can occur at any time. A year is merely just a number that we randomly generated to help us understand the events how it goes.

Let me explain it a bit more: if we start counting the year and leave 2 years behind, we’ll find ourselves in the year 2018 but that doesn’t mean the corona pandemic would not be going to happen, but it would regardless of the year. Because it is just random.

So, conclusively, the 2020 year cant be considered to be the cursed one as it is just a number. Whether it is the year 2018, it would not be going to stop the death of  Floyd As all 2020 incidents are random. But it is worth mentioning 2020 facts.

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