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Amazing Charts and Cerner EHR: Complete guide 2022

Amazing Charts EHR vs Cerner EHR The Comparison

 Amazing charts, an EHR is consistently ranked as a top software. It was founded in 2001 by a physician. Its working is valuable as it was created by a physician who knew the complexities of the software required for the healthcare system. The software is the hub of all the qualities needed for a quick solution to healthcare problems. It is regarded as the best EMR for pain practice. By the time of 2017, amazing charts introduced additional solutions. They aimed to improve the quality of life and health. One of the best features of the Amazing Charts EHR is that it provides remote care to people. We will discuss this feature in detail. To learn about amazing charts, we will talk about their features, reviews of the users, prices, and demo details.

Amazing Charts Features

 Virtual Preventive Care Assistant

Some patients cannot visit the hospital due to chronic diseases. As Amazing Charts thinks about everyone in need, it has introduced its feature of providing virtual assistants to those who need them. Not only this, but the staff that will monitor the patients will be external and administrative staff is one of the best features introduced by Amazing Charts as it caters to those with severe health conditions and requires immediate help.

amazing charts

Practice Management

Are there any coding inconsistencies? Using amazing charts, you can quickly identify those inconsistencies before claim submissions. Yes, that is right. You can also aptly identify the unpaid claims on the spot. The smartest thing about Amazing Charts is that it acts as an office monitor. It notifies you that the patient’s data requires any attention and is one significant move as the doctors can concentrate on the patients more diligently than before.

Billing Methods

Are you tired of roaming around those banks? Have you lost the bills? If yes, that problem is now solved using Amazing Charts billing systems. You will be amazed to know that your collections can witness an increase of 20%. The claims are to be paid on every 1st submission. The most amazing part about the billing system is that you can save hours of your time by not indulging in going to banks. You will be pleased to know that the billing service of Amazing Charts is fully integrated with Revenue Cycle Management.

Amazing Charts Reviews

Many reviews revolve around amazing charts’ performance.

•          One of them talks about the feasibility of using the charts. Users find it helpful and easy that the whole graph is one page. They feel that this allows them to navigate their charts and use them when needed quickly.

•          Other users have also appreciated that it is affordable compared to software of the exact nature and specialities. Furthermore, they have admired how the software is simple in its design. Therefore, they did not have to find different options while lost in their tools.

•          Other users commented on the glitched interface of Amazing Charts. In addition, they have talked about the update issues of Amazing Charts.

•          Users noted that the update got stuck after a while. People have primarily liked the services provided by amazing charts because it has changed their perspective on the software industry. Don’t believe everyone and see for yourself.

 Amazing Chart Pricing

Similarly, the fantastic charts price is also available for free. Interested people can request a quote and see if their budget goes well for their required software. Many people find amazing charts priced affordable with unique features. It is easy to check the price; you

need to go to the website and fill out a form. After filling out the form, you can request the price.

Cerner EHR

CERNER EHR is a cloud-based system designed to manage the healthcare system and provide the best services. Certainly, Cerner ehr has over 40 specialities within the medical field. Its features include scheduling, customer care, online billing, reports, documentation, revenue management, etc. Cerner helps hospitals run their organizations, manage workflow, engage their community, and uplift patient care much more efficiently. Cerner has a few unique applications corresponding with the mobile and desktop to better their user productivity. The significant part is knowing that patient care is digitized for humankind’s well-being, which has allowed healthcare to run very smoothly. Its features include a patient portal, scheduling, patient charting, lab integration, e-prescription, and eligibility verification.

Cerner EHR reviews


•          One of the users reviewed its ability for interdisciplinary communication, which makes it far better than paper charting. This way, the documents are saved better.

•          Some of the users commented on how the records by doctors made searching a lot easier. For example, you do not have to go through the entire accounts and visits for the search of one document.

•          Many users reviewed their patient’s medical history; they said the daily updates let them have complete information about the medical history, and they could keep a check.


•          Some users said that it was tough to use the software. It was hard for them to navigate, and vendors had to suffer.

•          One of the other negative reviews revolved around the disappearance of the records. Users found out that you can see up to 500 papers, and the others start to disappear.

•          Some users talked about the more minor options available for customer support. They said that they could not find contact numbers to get assistance.

Cerner EHR pricing

Cerner pricing starts at $25.00 per year. Unfortunately, there is no free version of Cerner available. However, the pricing varies from package to package, and therefore it suffices to say that they do not have a fixed price.

Our Thoughts

Both Cerner EHR and amazing charts provide the best services to the healthcare department. They have uplifted the quality of the work, and that is why they are the best software to reply on; instead of amazing charts vs. Cerner EHR, we have given you the complete guide on both. So, do not waste time and get your hands on the software of your choice.

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