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Apps You Need In Your Life Right Now


Are you looking to find an app to improve your daily routine? Play stores are filled with all kinds of apps to meet any type of niche but of the thousands of apps available, which are useful? Research suggests that the average user has around 40 apps on their phones but chooses to spend the majority of their time using only 18 of them. If you want to stick with apps that are genuinely beneficial, let us introduce our favourite types of apps that have improved our lives.

An audiobook app with plenty of variety of app 

If you, like many others, struggle to carve out time for reading, switching to audiobooks can help with that. Audible members can access more than 200 thousand titles so you can turn your commuting time to work into a learning experience. Audible has two membership plans to choose from based on your needs. With Audible Plus, you can listen to all audiobooks in their library, but you can’t keep them, and with Audible Premium Plus, you can keep one book every month and listen to it whenever you want. Also, if you’re a Kindle fan, it’s nice knowing that you can connect Kindle to your Audible account and pick up right where you left off with your favourite book.


A VPN app to protect our privacy

Since technology has an essential role in our everyday activities, it’s important to know how to adequately protect your favourite gadgets and avoid getting hacked and scammed. A must-have app for securing your online traffic is undoubtedly a VPN. Virtual Private Networks reroute your connection through an encrypted tunnel to shield you from unnecessary monitoring by your internet service provider and malicious third parties. A VPN is essential if you’re the sort to rely on public Wi-Fi networks outside. 

This app by ExpressVPN is an excellent choice since it’s compatible with all major operating systems and it’s easy to install and use. It will automatically adjust its features like protocol and location based on your network. 

Fitness planning and calorie tracking app

MyFitnessPal already has a reputation as one of the best fitness apps ever developed. It has a free and premium version, but if you’re looking for a habit tracker and calorie counter, the free version will do you just fine. After determining your fitness goals, you can use the app to track your daily activities as well as your food intake. It has a searchable database with countless products, and most food items can be registered by scanning the barcode on the packaging. Also, you’ll get a better insight into the food choices you’re making. Access to MyFitnessPal recipes can inspire you to make healthier decisions and learn a few tricks on making healthy food more delicious. However, if you’re struggling with maintaining a healthy relationship with food, tracking apps like this may not be the right choice for you, and you should consult your physician before using it. 

Project management app

If you like to keep your projects and notes tidy, Notion is an excellent app to download. The notion is essentially a hybrid between a regular note-taking app and a project management software. Designed to cater to everyone’s needs, the app is a great assistant if you’re a student, business owner, or simply want to develop a better system for note tracking. You can use the app on several devices, and it has a variety of free templates that can help organize your projects and inspire you to create your own organization scheme. It’s an excellent tool for collaborations since you can invite your colleagues to contribute and edit certain pages. You can also import data from other major collaboration tools like Trello, Confluence, or Google Docs. 


Everyone’s phone needs a good spring cleaning from time to time. If you’re overwhelmed with the number of apps on your phone, take the time to assess which ones you really use and get rid of the rest of them. Furthermore, think about changes you want to bring into your life and research which apps can help you achieve your goals more quickly. 

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