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Art Book Printing: How Does It Work?

Many artists use art books to showcase their artwork, advertise their services, and gain new clients. These useful books can be small or large, complicated or simple, all depending on the artist’s wishes.

But how do they actually get printed? Read on for everything you need to know about art book printing and how you can use it for your own artwork!

What is an Art Book?

At its most simple definition, an art book is a printed collection of an artist’s work. Sometimes an art book is just something for an artist to enjoy sharing their work with family and friends, but other times it’s a useful tool for marketing and advertising.

Many art books have words as well, explaining backstories for pieces of art or the artist’s thoughts on things. Other times they talk about the artist’s life history or some other topic, interspersing the art throughout. And yet other times, the book simply has the artwork and perhaps some labels of the pieces.

There are nearly as many types of art books as there are types of art, and much debate has raged over the official definition of the term. But in general, an art book can be thought of as a book with printed artwork to showcase an artist’s skills.

Formatting Your Book

The first step towards art printing is formatting it properly. With all the photos, artwork, descriptions, and other things that typically go into an art book, this can be a tricky task. You want your book print to look good!

Many printing companies offer services to help you format your book correctly as you work with them. Artists and designers can help ensure your book is laid out the way you want it while ensuring the printed product fits your needs.

If you want to do the layout work on your own, you’ll need to do quite a bit of work to make sure you have everything formatted correctly. Make sure you find out what size and style of printing you’re going with for your art book so that everything fits properly on the pages!

Picking Your Materials for Printing

And on that note, you need to plan out your materials when you’re working with the publisher. Paper size, paper thickness, binding, and everything else that goes into making your print book unique.

Once you have everything planned out with your formatting and materials, a printing company can then print the book for you in the quantity you desire. Companies like QINPrinting can help you print large quantities of art books for a good price, letting you give them as gifts or use them as marketing.

Printing times vary depending on the company, the size of your book, and the size of your order. Many times, the printing can all be done in only a few weeks, but that still depends on those different factors. It takes additional time to work on formatting, proofing, and sending your artwork to the company.

Get More Business Advice!

Now that you know more about printing an art book, you can go out and get your own project started if you wish! These fantastic books will help boost your career and make for a fun way to show off.

And if you want to learn more about business, artwork, and other great life tips, be sure to check out the rest of our blog! We have great advice on a wide variety of subjects to help you succeed at life your way.

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