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Basketball Star Scottie Pippen Net Worth in 2021

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is a famous NBA player with and six championship winners during his 17 seasons. He has one of Hight’s 72 wins in one year from 1995 to 1996. He was NBA All-Star Game MVP in 1994 and seven-time NBA All-Star and named one top 50 players in the Nation’s basketball era. He also has the title of earning an Olympic Gold medal and NBA title twice a year. An enjoyable outing for you and your friends would be to get tickets to a basketball game, like the Jazz game, to watch together the NBA’s MVP play. In addition, Scottie Pippen was also mentioned in the All-NBA First Team three times and NBA All-Defensive First Team eight consecutive times. According to the rough estimation, Scottie Pippen net worth is about $20 million. Early Life:

Scottie  Pippen was born on Sep. 25, 1965, in Hamburg, Arkansas. He is telling among his sibling, about 6 feet and 7 inches. His mother is 6 feet tall, and his father is 6 feet and 1 inch. When Pippen was a kid, his father works in the paper mill until he got a stock attack, and his father’s right side was paralyzed.

Pippen plays in Hamburg school, leads his team, and earns the honor, but he has not been offered any scholarship. In his college at the University of Central Arkansas, he played basketball under the supervision of coach Don Dyer, but he won’t get any fame for it. In his college, because of his height advantage, he was dominant among all players with 10 rebounds, 4.3 assists, near 60% field goal shooting, and game averages of 23.6 points.


Selection  (1987–1990):

            In 1987, Pippen was selected by Chicago Bulls as a trade done with Seattle SuperSonic. Pippen was exchanged with the eighth pick, Olden Polynice. With his 6 ft and 7 inches height, he plays power forward. He teamed with famous NBA player Michael Jordan. Pippen follows him as a mentor and motivation instructor. During their rookie seasons. Scottie made his NBA debut on Nov. 7, 1987, when the Chicago Bulls counter to the Philadelphia 76ers. Although the Bulls won by 104–94, he ended with 1 rebound, 4 assists, 2 steals, and 10 points in 23 minutes of play.

            As time pass Pippen played one-by-one with Michael Jordan. He works on his skill and developed new tactics. In 1988, Pippen pushed with Jordan and led the Bulls to the semifinals with 6.7 bounds and 48.9 field goals after 10 years. He was also mentioned as 3rd leader to turnout offensive as a defender (Steal).

            He continued his success in pushing bulls in 1989 and 1990 in Eastern Conference Finals but unfortunately lost both times by the  Detroit Pistons. In 1990, Pippen got victim of migraine Scottie Pippen, and he can’t keep his form, and bulls lost his final by 93 – 74.

In 1997, Pippen hurt his ankle and ruptured a tendon. He eventually got surgery for this, though that caused him to not be able to play basketball for months. Basketball players put a lot of pressure on their ankles due to the quick movements and constant jumping they do, which is why many players wear basketball shoes that have more ankle support to avoid injuries.

NBA Career:

                From past mistakes, he practices really hard to improve himself. Along with Jordan, he takes him as a coach and improves his game. In 1991, Pippen was merged as a defensive stopper. On Nov. 23, he makes his first triple-double against  Los Angeles Clippers. The Bulls won the game by 105 – 97.

            On Dec. 22, he did his 2nd triple-double against  Indiana Pacers, leading the Bulls to victory by 128 – 118 points. Pippen scored 18 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds in his gameplay.

            In 1998, Pippen was traded with Houston Rockets in exchange for Roy Rogers. At the end of the season, Rocket realized that Pippen wanted to leave. In this scenario, Charles Barkley appeared in an interview at CloseUp (EPSN) and openly criticized him about how greatly he wished to go. In response, Pippen doesn’t give any priority. He just wanted to play for Jackson and return to the system where he won six NBA titles in Chicago.

            In 2003, Pippen joined Bulls, where he started his career and won the 6th championship Scottie Pippen.

Pippen NBA Winning Games with Chicago Bulls:

YearsGame PlayedMint. Per GameSteal Per GamePoint Per GameRebounds Per GameAssists Per GameField Goal Personatge
1990 – 918236.82.417.
1991 – 928238.61.921.
1992 – 938138.
1995 – 967736.71.719.
1996 – 978237.71.920.
1997 – 984437.51.819.

Personal Life:

                Pippen first married Karen McCollum in 1988. From here, he has his first son named Antron, born on Dec. 29, 1987. Who mysteriously dies at the age of 33, Apr. 18, 2021. Astron spends most of his time playing basketball. He worked hard and wanted to play in NBA, But he can’t make it. Later on, Pippen gave divorce to Karen in 1990.

                After divorcing, Karen Pippen married Larsa Tounan in 1990. She was only 24 years old, and Pippen was 46 years old. Karen also gets famous and become a star at Real Housewives of Miami show Season 1 in 2011. She becomes best friends with Kim Kardashian. He has four children with Larsa Tounan. But Scottie Pippen filed a divorce case in 2018, and the divorce was finalized in early 2021.

                According to a survey, Pippen Networth is about $20 million. But one Larsa posted on her Twitter with an earnings slip of Pippep career that he made about $109,192,430.

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