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Best Places to Ride Your Electric Bike In Los Angeles

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Between the weather, the massive nexus of smaller communities running together into the greater metro area, and the way killer trails honeycomb their way up and down the hillsides, there’s a lot to see when you ride in Los Angeles. It’s no wonder even the locals continuously discover new rides that stun them with never before seen pieces of the landscape. Electric bikes let you cover more ground, but you still need to know where to go for the most iconic rides in the area, especially if you’re just starting. Here is a list of must-hit list of local routes for new riders who live in the area and visitors alike.

1. Griffith Park

No attempt at bikepacking Los Angeles would be complete without a ride through the iconic nine miles of urban park trail that you’ll find here. Griffith Park is one of the state’s largest urban parks. With the state’s widespread love of green spaces in municipal areas, that’s quite a group to be in, and it’s location in town makes an after-ride meal or shopping trip easy, even if you’re headed to a more remote ride that provides camping options.

2. Ballona Creek Path

If you’re looking for a great picnic park, this is the route. Seven and a half miles of trail take you from Syd Kronenthal Park to Playa Del Rey, so it’s ideal for riders whose perfect bike choice was the best electric beach cruiser they could find. Bring the SPF and a swimsuit too, you might as well stay for a while if you’re riding to the beach.

3. The Pacific Coast Bike Path

For more beaches and a longer ride, this route is perfect. It’s 22 miles of winding path to take you through a wide range of scenic viewpoints and ocean access points that range from the cozy and semi-secluded to popular and bustling. With an e-bike, it’s easy to fit the whole ride into a day while saving energy for the attractions, especially if you ride a versatile beach-ready bike like the Sixthreezero Electric Bicycles Around the Block womens beach cruiser bicycle, which is ideal for gentle trails with varied terrain like this one.

4. Elysian Park

A little piece of heaven near downtown with a challenging, hilly ride for those who want to put a little more workout into their bikepacking itinerary. With a regular bicycle it can be an intermediate to advanced route in placed, but the electric assist provided by e-bikes will help even beginners get to the top of each hill climb, so you can challenge yourself without worrying about whether you will overdo things. It fits well into any trip to the area, it’s a great choice for locals looking to put in some exercise on a day trip, and it’s even in a spot that makes it easy to grab a hotel instead of camping your way across your larger bikepacking route.

Keep Looking for Great Bike Trails

Los Angeles is home to more riding opportunities than any one person can count. After you hit these four landmarks, keep talking to other riders about their favorite spots to learn about all the other famous parks and rides around town, including those that let you see famous landmarks in nearby cities and state parks.

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