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Best ways to make Instagram a Powerful Business Tool


Instagram, over a period, has become the most used social media platform. It has registered over 113 million users in the past year. Instagram is widely used for gathering marketing insights and showcasing products. In addition, Instagram offers various tools that assist business owners in building and promoting their brands. Instagram has more than a billion active users per month that engage with profiles relevant to their needs. Thus, it presents an excellent opportunity for brands to present their products to the target audience at a low cost.

You need a well-defined online marketing plan to become successful on Instagram. With the help of the right strategy, brands can promote their products and services, enhance the brand value, and see a growth in revenues. Listed below are undoubtedly powerful tools that a business will need for success:

1. Create a business account

The first step is to create a business Instagram account. Then, you can sign up using the business E-mail address or log in using the business Facebook account.

You can even convert the personal Instagram to a business account by switching the options available in the settings.

2. Get familiar with Instagram terminology

You can make the most out of this platform if you are familiar with the terminology used by Instagram. The basic terms used here are ‘Bio,’ which refers to the description of your profile. The second commonly used term is ‘direct messages’ that allow private communication with the customers.The third is ‘filters’ that are used to beautify the photos. Another term is ‘Follow,’ which is used when you follow a profile on Instagram to see all their content. Next is the term ‘followers,’ who are the people who follow your profile. Another commonly used term is ‘Hashtag’that indexes words. Next is ‘Stories’that you can view above the photo gallery.

3. Enhance the number of followers

The success on Instagram starts when you have a decent number of followers. The follower count is proof that your account is relatable to the needs of the audience. It takes time to grow an organic follower base. Therefore, you may get real active Instagram followers from trusted websites. The idea to buy real Instagram followers will help you to kick-start your account. It will increase the account’s following and help attract clients. You must constantly post content and maintain relationships even after you have Instagram followers.

4. Add appealing photos

Instagram is a well-known photo-sharing app, so it’s imperative that you post visually appealing content. You may take professional help to click photos, filter and edit them, and post them regularly on the feed.

5. Post Instagram Story

Instagram Stories is one of the most used features of Instagram. The stories are the best way to reach out to people as they may not scroll through the entire feed. Stories disappear in 24 hours, so you need to be regular in posting the same. Instagram has numerous tools to create unique stories. Businesses must leverage this option to showcase their products and reach out to their followers.

These stories can post photos, pre-recorded videos, live videos, text, boomerangs, and music. In addition, you may add the location, use relevant hashtags, and tag concerned people.

6. Start live videos

Starting a live video is another excellent feature of Instagram. You can stream a live video and attract your audience to see what your business is all about. For example, you may have a live question-answer session, discuss your products, and let them seek expert guidance. The video stays in your Stories for the next 24 hours.

7. Interact with relevant Instagrammers

As a business, you must also interact with other accounts. Engaging and interacting with your Instagram followers helps to build a great sense of trust and connection. You may like their photos, comment on their posts, or even tag relevant accounts in your posts. You may even engage with accounts through DM’s. Answer all the queries or grievances immediately and build a strong connection.

8. Use of hashtags

Hashtags are a step in the ladder to become famous on Instagram. Finding out about the trending hashtags and using them in your posts can win you manyreal Instagramlikes overnight. You can also tag the popular pages that started the use of these hashtags. You need to figure out the popular hashtags that are related to your field. For example, the popular hashtag for fitness is #gymlife, #stayhealthy, #transformation, etc. The popular hashtag for cooking are #homemade, #healthyrecipies and #foodcoma, etc. You need to be alert that you do not over or underuse the hashtags. Ideally, one post can have around 6-7 hashtags to start with, though you go up to 25-30 hashtags.

6. Advertise

You can easily advertise your products on using Photo ads, Video ads, or Carousel ads. Photo and video ads are like regular posts but are sponsored.  They appear regularly on the follower’s feeds. Carousel ads have multiple photos that can be swiped through by the audience.

7. Promote giveaways and contests

People get attracted through giveaways, contests, or sales. You can have a giveaway during the festive seasons and ask the audience to repost your content, tag other friends, and share the posts in their stories. It will help you reach out to a wider audience group. They will talk about your brand on their pages.

8. Make use of IGTV and Reels

IGTV is an excellent feature if you wish to post a detailed video. An IGTV video can last up to an hour. You may host an IGTV to answer FAQs, conduct chats about your products and services, or launch a new product. You may also use Reels that are short videos of up to 15 seconds. You can creatively edit them with numerous effects. It can effectively feature your new products, showcase your work, or highlight your star employees.


Instagram is a powerful tool. You can incorporate these tricks to use this social media platform to the fullest and grow your brand value manifold. Success can be derived through a proper marketing strategy and developing the follower base. Be regular with the posts, post relevant content, and see the results for yourself.

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