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Can CBD Gummies Make You Sleep Calmly?


There are over 100 cannabinoids in cannabis. These include cannabigerol (CBG), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol, among others. They all affect the body in distinct ways, with their therapeutic benefits still under research.

Among the most researched cannabinoids is CBD, which has gained a lot of traction lately because of its many medicinal purposes. These include; pain management, inflammation, muscle soreness, appetite regulation, and sleep disorder management.

Are you looking for the best CBD gummies for sleep? You must have come across a lot of information on the benefits of CBD and you probably want to know how true it is before you try these gummies. And this will help you decide whether you would stick to gummies or look for weeds for sale for recreation.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD comes in many forms; these include edibles, tinctures, vape juices, lotions, creams, etc. Each product has a different rate and depth of response.

There is no difference between CBD gummies and gummy bears except that the former has CBD extract. They are made by combining fruit, water, and gelatin then adding CBD oil extracted from hemp.

Hemp plants contain the highest concentrations of CBD legally allowed for consumption and distribution. This is because they have at most 0.3% THC concentration, which is the legal limit as per the 2018 Farm Bill.

How CBD Works

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After consuming CBD gummies, the lengthy digestion process prolongs the response time. The reaction starts to kick in after 30-45 minutes, making it the longest for a CBD response to occur of all the products. However, the gummies compensate for this flaw by having effects that last for up to six hours. Users also get to enjoy a profound experience due to the long duration of effects.

When CBD gets into your bloodstream, it gets through to the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is the primary regulator for moods, sleep-wake cycles, appetite control, and pain perception. CBD works through a different mechanism, unlike THC, whose action is through the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body. This is responsible for the cannabis ‘high’.

Cannabidiol prevents the breakdown of a naturally produced cannabinoid referred to as anandamide – the ‘bliss’ molecule, therefore prolonging its effects on the ECS. Therefore, this action can allow you to consistently go to sleep, stay asleep, and wake up feeling refreshed at almost the same time.

CBD also reduces the stress hormone cortisol, whose dysregulation can lead to high stress and anxiety levels and, consequently, insomnia. The compound also works through adenosine receptors responsible for the stress response and anxiety. By helping you relax, you will be in a position to fall asleep faster.

Other systems by which CBD works include binding to the serotonin receptors in the brain responsible for mood regulation. It can, therefore, help curb pre-sleep anxiety. The GABA system also inhibits the brain’s overactive signals, allowing you to achieve calm, relaxation, and fall asleep fast. It is also the system through which benzodiazepines act for its anxiolytic effects.

Combination with Other Sleep Habits

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CBD gummies with better pre-sleep habits can help you clock the coveted 7-9 hours of sleep, ideal for a healthy lifestyle. These habits can include:

  • Putting your phone away in another room before sleep to prevent usage, which further contributes to insomnia.
  • Looking at sunlight early in the morning as soon as you wake up helps set the circadian rhythm.
  • Setting your room temperature for an easy transition into sleep and turning off bright fluorescent lights as the darkness grows. This is to facilitate melatonin release from the pineal gland, which causes drowsiness.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation just before sleep or strenuous exercise a few hours before bedtime.
  • Controlling your caffeine intake during the day.

Possible Side Effects

When consumed in high concentrations, CBD can induce diarrhea, fatigue, appetite and weight change, sluggishness, etc. It is, therefore, essential to eat the gummies responsibly.

Users can achieve this by eating a few gummies first, which allows you to gauge its effect on you. Then as days go by, you can increase the number until you reach your desired response. The gummies are best taken 30 minutes before sleep, long after taking food, so that a response isn’t delayed for too long.

Buying Legitimate CBD Gummies

CBD gummies could help promote your sleep, but they won’t be effective if you don’t purchase your products from reputable vendors. Here’s how to know a legit vendor:

  • Many positive reviews and high ratings from verified customers.
  • Third-party test results which analyze CBD concentration on each product and the presence of any contaminants.
  • No health claims made in marketing products.


Insomnia is a common problem in the country, and CBD can help. Although research is still inconclusive on the long-term effects of CBD use, users can still consume a few gummies at a time for exploration because the product is relatively safe.

Always consult a doctor, however, before consuming CBD gummies because they can produce undesired effects with several over-the-counter drugs.

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