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Can You Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant? Here’s a Guide and Some Tips


Pregnancy can take a lot out of a person. In those nine months, you or your Pregnant wife is basically living for two people, and that means staying in shape and the best of health is a huge priority. However, your body isn’t always going to cooperate with your mental state and vice versa. There will be plenty of times when the physical and hormonal changes in your body are going to make you feel absolutely horrible. That’s why aside from eating a proper diet and staying away from stress-inducing situations, it can also be very tempting to look for different ways in which you can get some rest and relaxation – especially if you’re still going to work or doing some household chores. It’s not as easy as it sounds, that’s for sure, but there are several sure-fire ways to get it. One of those is with a nice massage by a licensed massage therapist, or more conveniently, in your own massage chair.

But wait, you might ask, how safe are massage chairs to use if you’re pregnant? Would it have some unintended consequences for me and my baby? Well, you have the right to be concerned, and those questions aren’t completely unwarranted. There are many things that might seem harmless but are actually very dangerous for pregnant women. Thankfully, a massage chair, when used properly, isn’t one of those.

Warning: This article is purely for entertainment purposes and contains simplified information. Do not, under any circumstances, use the claims in this article as a substitute for a proper medical evaluation. These tips apply to the majority of the general demographic, but may not be suitable for people with underlying medical conditions. During this delicate time of your life, it is always best to consult your doctor before making any significant changes in your lifestyle.

Myth 1: Massage Therapy can Harm Your Baby

Facts: There are several claims that massage therapy might induce earlier labor or even miscarriage, but the truth is that there is insubstantial evidence to back up this claim. Of course, we are not telling you that it is ok to get a massage wherein you are lying on your belly or are being subjected to vigorous kneading near the area – that part should be self-explanatory. What is good to know is that massages actually have scientifically-proven benefits for healthy pregnant women and their babies with one study even proving that women experience lower levels of anxiety and fewer risks of developing depression in their second trimester. Even better is that on a massage chair, you’re always lying comfortably on your back, so there won’t be any pressure anywhere near your belly. Avoid high-intensity massage and go for programs like Swedish massage if it is available.

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The back and knees are usually the ones that feel the brunt of the added weight of your baby, that is why relieving stress in those areas is important. The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid has a special bendable SL massage roller track that travels naturally along the curves of the back in order to soothe pressure in hard-to-reach areas of the muscle. It also allows you to recline in zero gravity, which promotes blood circulation by angling your body for a weightless feel.

Myth 2: Massage Chair Heat Therapy Can Cause Overheating

Facts: Overheating is a serious concern during pregnancy, which is why it is often advised not to engage in activities that expose the body to high temperatures. These activities include, but are not limited to sauna sessions, sunbathing, getting tanned, long dips in hot tubs, and working in places where the temperature is generally warmer and moister than room temperature. Your body is naturally warmer while you’re pregnant because it is working harder than usual to keep both you and your body healthy. However, heat therapy from massage chair rollers or heating pads isn’t as dangerous as the previous examples. It is still safe for pregnant women to enjoy massages with heat therapy just as long as you are keeping it at a controlled temperature of around 90℉ – 100℉ and on short intervals only.

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Get models like the AmaMedic Hilux massage chair that supports a heat therapy feature that you can adjust appropriately for the safest and most relaxing massage experience. Better yet, it offers extensive massage treatment for the lower body. Areas like the calves, knees, and heels will feel an increase in workload while you are carrying your beloved baby, so keeping them in good condition can prevent accidents caused by sprains and muscle pain.

When Should I Consult My Doctor

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Always; We cannot stress this enough. For the safety of you and your baby, you should always consult the doctor if you feel any form of uneasiness after using a massage chair or after doing any activity in particular. Ironic as it is, reading articles online like this one shouldn’t be a justification for making critical choices in your pregnancy. Do not use your massage chair if you are feeling nauseated or if you are experiencing a painful headache; it might make it worse. Consult with your partner and choose your massage chair carefully. You’re not just going to need it for relaxing while you’re pregnant, but during the first few months of parenthood too. If you think pregnancy is stressful, wait until you eventually meet your little one! Don’t worry, it will all be worth it in the end, I assure you.

In Conclusion:

Massage therapy is generally safe for healthy pregnant women without a background of miscarriage, or who are not diagnosed with other ailments. It helps soothe muscle pains and muscle fatigue that are common during the period of pregnancy. Make sure that the massage is set to low intensity by picking programs that are more relaxed and smooth, rather than the more vigorous options. Furthermore, keep the heating mechanism at a safe temperature and refrain from using it for long periods of time. With frequent consultation, proper diet, regular exercise, and a decent massage chair, those painstakingly long 9 months won’t be a problem!
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