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Career Outcomes of an Online DNP


If you are a practising RN and are looking to take the next step in your career, an online DNP degree can help you achieve this. The degree offers a flexible learning opportunity, combining distance learning with in-person clinical hours, to give you the best of both worlds. One of the main benefits of a DNP degree is the high-level career options that the course can prepare you for. Here are just a couple of the career outcomes of an online DNP degree, as well as some of the benefits of online learning.

What is a DNP?

A DNP is a doctor of nursing practice degree and is the highest level of education available for practicing nurses. A DNP degree has many benefits, including preparing you to work in high-level positions such as a dean of nursing, chief nursing officer, or patient care director. It is taught through a combination of online learning and in-personal clinical placements, allowing you to put your skills into practice in a workplace environment. An online DNP can take only two years to complete and features modules such as epidemiology and environmental health, collaboration in healthcare delivery and biostatistics. This course is for registered nurses who already have a master’s degree, a 3.0 GPA, and an unencumbered license, among other entry requirements.

Why should you study online?

Online study has its own set of benefits and is a great option for those who wish to continue working while they learn. Online DNPs are designed for practicing RNs and give you the ability and flexibility to continue working while you undertake the degree. Working from home and studying online can also help you save money, as you don’t have to worry as much about finding accommodation on or near a campus or commuting to classes every day. 

Online learning can also help you to develop your soft skills, which are transferable people skills that make you stand out in the workplace. You will probably already have many of them, but they can always be worked on further. Teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and adaptability are all soft skills that are useful for a nurse to have and can also be gained through online learning. You will have to be incredibly organized and manage your time in order to complete your studies alongside your other commitments. You will also have to be critical and creative to overcome any challenges you face when learning from home, as well as being able to motivate yourself to complete your studies. 

Career outcomes

There are plenty of different career options to choose from once you have completed your DNP degree. You will gain skills and experiences that will help you thrive in higher-level positions, whether these are clinical or administrative or a combination. A few of the areas in which you could work include:

Nurse educators

If you are passionate about helping to shape the future of nursing and educating the next generation of nurses, this may be the perfect career option for you. A DNP can help to prepare you to become a nurse educator, working in educational institutions alongside your clinical work. Your tasks may include evaluating and teaching students, designing curricular and educational programs and updating old ones.

Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who are trained to treat certain medical conditions, with or without a doctor, depending on the state in which you are practicing. There are different types of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), and the certified nurse practitioner is one of them. CNPs practice at a high level, offering care in a range of settings in one of the six patient populations.

Nurse executives

This is an administrative role and would suit those who have great leadership skills and want to help shape the future of a healthcare organization. Nurse executives perform tasks such as designing and planning patient care in different healthcare facilities and settings. These can include care homes and hospitals. Nurse executives can also be responsible for creating policies and procedures for other staff to follow. 

Studying for an online DNP degree will give you a combination of technical and personal skills to help prepare you for work in a variety of settings and areas within nursing. It is a challenging and demanding degree but has plenty of benefits and can be incredibly rewarding. The ability to study online can make this degree more accessible, as you can learn alongside your existing commitments such as your job or family. 

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