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CEH Certification Prerequisites, Cost, Skills, Job Prospects, and Salary


CEH, or Certified Ethical Hacker, is a very in-demand certification for those currently in the IT field. The Data Industry is worth over 4 Billion US dollars and is rapidly rising every year. A company may lose millions of dollars each time their data is stolen, which is why there is such a significant demand for IT specialists that have a CEH certification. After all, a good offence is a strong defence, and as a Certified Ethical Hacker, your job will be to make sure that the company’s firmware is not vulnerable to any external attacks perpetrated to steal data.

Everything You Need to Know About CEH 

  1. Prerequisites

There are two ways you can appear for the CEH certification, you can either take ethical hacking certification training, or you can do plenty of self-study and appear for the exam. With training, the process is pretty straightforward; you appear for the exam, and the training centre takes care of all of the paperwork and conditions required.

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On the other hand, if you decide to do self-study and appear for the examination, there are a few qualifications you will need to have. The first is proof of a graduate degree, preferably in the IT sector, but it is not mandatory, and work experience of a minimum of 2 years in the cybersecurity field. 

After these categories are satisfied, you will have to pay a certain amount to get registered for the examination, as well as submit a CEH exam eligibility form with verification from the employer to complete the registration process,

  • Skills Required

Since the Certified Ethical Hacker certification is a vendor-neutral certification, all of the vendors provide more or less the same training. The training includes extensive knowledge of the system and network, a guide to Linux and Mac OS, locating and fixing system vulnerabilities, countermeasures and counterattacks for system protection, elimination of tracking trails, developing an understanding of encryption and cryptography and learning the newest tactics in cyber-attacks.

  • Exam

The exam is a total of four hours long and contains about 125 questions. To pass the exam, you must get a minimum of 70% of the questions right. There is no negative marking, and all individuals who wish to attend the exam must register at least 3 days prior to the exam as registration closes.

  • Job Prospects

With a CEH certification, most individuals go for a consultancy job or as a contract-based employee. The contracts are drawn on a project-by-project basis. Once you have gotten a CEH certification, you can apply for positions such as Site Administrator, Network Security Specialist, Computer Forensics Analyst, and IT Auditor. But these are just a few of the possibilities open to you with this certification.

  • Exam Costs 

The CEH certification costsapproximately 500 USD but the exam is extremely competitive. It requires additional help, which is why you will need to add the cost of the training as well; however, if you do opt to do it alone, it will be cheaper, but you will not have the advantage.

Why not afford yourself the best facilities like studying under expert trainers from Koenig Solutions if they are available to you. These courses are incredibly comprehensive and provide relevant study material for the exam. Moreover, the timings are flexible, allowing you to work and prep for the exam simultaneously.

  • Salary

A study done by found out that most employees with an EC Council Ethical Hackingcertification earned 20% more than they had previously. Those with some management experience earned a lot more than those without and were generally put in charge of much more complicated and bigger projects. 

Those in the ethical hacking business longer also had higher salaries than those who were new to it, and this can be chalked up to experience and customer confidence. There are so many different avenues that open for you once you get a hacking certification.


With a CEH certification, your career will be on an upward trajectory to more significant projects, more responsibility and most importantly, a bigger paycheck. You may also be able to opt for more flexible working hours. With Koenig Solutions, you will be able to realise your dreams easier. They are one of the leading IT training firms that also offer one-on-one training in virtual classrooms.

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