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Dangerous Computer Viruses All Business Owners Should Be Aware Of


In recent years, over 50% of small businesses have suffered from cyberattacks. In fact, 40% have experienced multiple instances!

What’s worse is, 60% went out of business just half a year later.

If you don’t want the same to happen to your small business, the best way to fight against computer viruses is to learn about them. Read on for the common computer virus names you should watch out for.

Macro Virus

This is probably one of the most common types of computer virus you’ll see. These usually come attached to files in emails, so you’ll want to be on the lookout for these. There’s typically bad spelling, grammar, and syntax in these trick emails.

Once you’ve clicked on it, you’ll activate the virus and it’ll replicate itself, sending copies to all addresses in your contacts list. If you’ve also downloaded it, it’ll infect your other files that end in .docx and .xls.

Trojan Horse

This is similar to the macro virus, except as the name suggests, it is a sneaky virus that gets in through a “back door” of your network.

Usually, hackers use Trojan horses to steal data from victims. For small businesses, this can spell doom because trade secrets can be stolen.

To keep your business safe, be wary of which files you open in emails.


Ransomware is where malware (malicious software) locks up your computer. There will be a note for you to open, where it demands payment, or a ransom to unlock your device. This is usually in the form of Bitcoin since it’s an anonymous currency.

The problem is, there’s no guarantee your computer will be “unlocked” after you pay that hefty ransom. Your data could be lost forever and you might be out a couple thousand dollars (or more!).

The best way to fight ransomware is to back up your data regularly and be on the lookout for suspicious files. If you do accidentally get ransomware on your computer, all you have to do is restore your last data backup and your device will be free of the malware.

Heuristic Virus

A heuristic virus isn’t technically a virus, but your computer’s antivirus program identifying a mutated virus.

However, there’s one particular heuristic virus you should watch out for: Heur.Invader. This one can remotely access your computer, install programs, and change your antivirus settings, as well as disable them.

The best way to handle a heuristic virus is to contain it in a sort of quarantine. Deleting is not recommended since this can prompt the virus to take extra actions to root itself deeper in your computer.

Visit this page to learn more about heuristic viruses:

Be Smart About Computer Viruses

Computer viruses can really put a damper on things if your business is affected. By knowing what the most common ones are out there and having good computer virus protection, you’ll be able to fend off hackers more effectively!

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