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Death Korps

After the post-nuclear Astra Militarum given name Death Korps of Krieg in the Segmentum Tempestus. Death Korps of Krieg was the imperial regiment of the Astra. Krieg was on the site of a revolt in opposition to the Imperium of Man and stand 1,500 years ago in the 40th Millennium and Krieg was bombarded with nuclear weapons to almost 500 Terran years of relentless warfare to eliminate the heretical rebels.

                After all those destructions with the nuclear bomb, radiation Krieg reduces to burnt. Their people get forced to go under the ground to prevent this toxic and radioactive environment.

                Death Krieg is the most powerful, well trained, and specialist regiment of the Astra Militarum. Astra regiment rises Death Krieg to the violation of allegiance of “Emperor”, by doing the disturbing disrespect during the war. In 433.M40, one Imperial world of Krieg announce independence and renounced from the magnificence of the God-Emperor. The world changed forever.  83rd Krieg Regiment of Astra under the commerce of the “Colonel Jurgen”, gathered to him and to uncheck the horror of atomic bombardment upon the Emperor honour.

                The Death Korps of Krieg regiments rarely voted for tours because of the most dangerous warzones in the galaxy. This means they have gained a certain reputation across the Imperium. They excel in channel and blockade warfare but the Death Korps took part in different combat actions across many campaigns just like the Atria Wilderness Campaign, Third War for Armageddon. Roles assigned to them after examen, training in intense environments and their beliefs.

                Krieg raised with great strategies, frequency and specific environment. They trained with the specialists to work in any combats, machines or fight etc. Kriegs mostly depend on the faith. Manpower but they are also known for armoured regiments, Infantry regiments, and mechanised infantry.

                Overall Death Korps of Krieg is mostly their loyalty, faith and allegiance.

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Regimental Organisation:

  • Death Korps Officer

Death Korps Officer is the regiment commander who leads the fight from the front. Officer mostly have powerful sidearms, grenades and either a Chainsword or Power Sword. The Officer uniform on the right side of the shoulder wear squad insignia. Krieg has no stander of the nobility or congenital officer class. Instead, Officers are selected from the body of the rank and records.

  • Death Korps Commissar

Commissars assigned to a Death Korps regiment who are positioned to become a voice of limitation for Death Korps officers, who has wide strategic goals of the war-zone in the short term victories.

  • Death Korps Grenadier

Grenadier is one of the most powerful, strong and stable regiment of the Astra. Death Krops Grenadier gets selected from the infantry squad usually chosen on the behalf of the Watchmaster, Commissar. Any Krieg soldier who is pointed as the Grenadier can’t refuse and wear a skull face mask to represent honour and fate.

  • Death Korps Engineer

Krops Engineer also has the responsibility to support the campaigns like Grenadier and Commissar. An engineer has the most knowledgeable unit. Its speciation includes subterraneous warfare, tunnels,  digging shafts, and saps to weaken the enemy’s strong points and launch a surprise attack behind enemy lines.

  • Death Korps Watchmaster

Watchmaster is almost ranked equal to the non-Commissar officer. Every siege regiment consists of five companies, that broke from the ten infantry platoons and one heavy weapons platoon.

  • Death Korps Guardsman

Each Death Korps train perfectly to operate every immoral weapon like generate, explosive. Death Korps Troops are also skilled in the construction of trench works and defence and cannons. Death Korps Guardsmen tend to be highly narrow-minded, unemotional and most of the time they remained silent to the point even outside of their duties.

  • Death Rider

Death Rider has many similarities with Rough Rider (Mountain Raider of Astra). Death Rider is mostly known for its unique style in Astra regiments. Death Rider rides on the armed well-developed horse and mostly used spare.

  • Death Korps Quartermaster

Death Korps Quartermaster worked as the media in the field, It’s the unique regiment of Astra Millitarum in Death Korps of Kreig. Like other troops of such as Death Korps Officers or Death Riders, in the Death Korps, each specialist is chosen after the certain process and faith in God-Empire.

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Death Korps of Krieg Uniforms

Death Korps
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