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Destiny 2: Quickstart Tips For First Time Players

Destiny 2 is easily one of the gaming’s most compelling multiplayer shooters – especially given Bungie’s particular attention to a gripping narrative, inviting gameplay, and intense PVP mechanics that would definitely grab the attention of any sci-fi fan. Essentially, Destiny 2 takes place shortly after Destiny 1, where Earth once again ends up in the crosshairs of alien forces out to take the Traveler’s Light. Thankfully, Guardians are ever-ready to take up the mantle of Earth’s protectors. In turn, players – as Guardians – have to embark on various quests to keep Earth safe from various threats, and maybe even embark in contests of supremacy against each other in the fabled Crucible. 

As such, Destiny 2 easily made a name as one of the most engaging sci-fi shooters around. However, for newcomers out there, what are things they need to take note of when starting Destiny 2 for the first time? Here are some quick tips:

when starting Destiny 2 for the first time?

  • Choose a combat role early on. Granted, Destiny 2 allows players to freely switch between Subclasses to try more nuanced and dynamic approaches in combat. However, a character will have to stick to their original Class throughout their playthrough. In turn, it helps for players to have a general idea of the combat role they want to portray while creating a character. Essentially, Hunters serve as the damage-oriented Class with their quick movement and firefight-friendly skillset. Meanwhile, a Guardian specializes in defense, melee-combat, and a more protective toolkit. Lastly, Warlocks serve as the support Class with their own share of buffs, debuffs, and devastating spells. Think of it like hiring moving and storage services for your house move – where the right combination of manpower and skill sets can pull off quite a successful move. 
  • Pay attention to the map all the time. In heated battles, it makes sense for players to always focus on what is in front of them, especially if they are currently fighting an enemy horde. However, players often make a lethal mistake by forgetting the map layout of the environment they are currently in and often end up in unfortunate vantage points that the enemy can use against the player and result in an easy kill. To avoid this caveat, players should always pay attention not just to what they are currently fighting but also to nearby map elements that they could use. These include platforms to gain the higher ground or exits to escape any unsavory situations.
  • Keep an eye out on repetitive tactics. Regardless if it’s on PVE or PVP in Crucible, repetitive approaches to combat can often cause the feet for an entire team. Players should pay attention to how other teammates or enemies use their respective Classes and Subclasses to note mistakes to avoid and pro tips to take advantage of. That way, players can imitate better players to adapt their excellent playstyle and at the same time avoid committing the same mistakes that losing teams do through observation.
  • Capitalize on movement and mobility in combat. As a multiplayer shooter with light flight mechanics, Destiny 2 needs players to be more adaptable when it comes to moving in fast paced combat and adjusting to what’s happening both on the ground and the skies above them. Newcomers need to practice not just their aiming, but also aiming while doing various types of movement such as sliding, rolling, crouching, and even flying. Knowing when to move and how to move properly can give an incredible opportunity for players to control the flow of combat like destiny 2 beginner guide.
  • Study how statistics affect gear composition. Similar to an MMORPG, Destiny 2 pays a lot of attention to gear-based builds. Essentially, the right selection of equipment and weapons can transform a guardian into a damaged powerhouse that any fireteam would want to have. In turn, players need to know which stats their Classes and prospective builds favor and prioritize. That way, players can capitalise on getting equipment in their storage and why bones that increase specifically the stats they want to pay attention to – be it to increase their overall attack power, base defense, or even weapon handling potential. 
  • Pick the right Mods to maximize utility options. Aside from actual equipment and weapons, players can actually use Mods to add special modifications and properties to the gear their Guardians are currently wearing. Most Mods not only boost general statistics but add special effects that can vastly improve the performance of a weapon in combat or provide benefits when using particular skills attuned to a particular Subclass. When exploring the game, newcomers should pay attention to Mods that can help them maximize their current toolkit and help them control the flow of combat much more efficiently.

Destiny 2 Quick Tips: Go With The Flow, Plan For Endgame Later

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that the fun in Destiny 2 isn’t really about mastering its combat and endgame mechanics early on. Rather, it makes more sense for newcomers to enjoy the overall Destiny 2 experience as they slowly plan for their progression in the late game. That way, any new characters they make can get tailor-fit into the kind of gameplay players want from their first playthrough. Moreover, Destiny 2 can easily become more compelling when players experience its glamor and high-intensity combat for the first time. 

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