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DIY TipsTo Try Before Reaching Out to MS Access Support Service Provider


Countless small businesses rely on MS Access to capture, manage and report data. It owes the popularity to simplicity which doesn’t need any programming skills. Even those with basic knowledge of computer can create the database using the software. However, when there is a problem, you need to get MS Access support for the application. Here are some do-it-yourself tips that you can try on your own.

1-Learn how to split the database. It should be a practice of the user to split the database into two parts. One part should be for the front-end, and the other part should be for the back-end. In the front-end, there are forms, reports, queries, and code modules. The front-end is installed o the local drive of each machine and the back-end is stored on the shared network drive. This separation of the Access file comes handy when several clients use the application at a time. The technique makes the database accessible to various users quickly. The users can make the changes the data in the front end. The possibilities of MS Access database corruption issues decreases when the back-end is secure.

2-If you have recently updated the drivers it could also lead to problems in the database. Not just the device drivers, the programs have to be updated with the latest versions. Asystem maker pays less attention to the device drivers. The various research done on the hardware clarifies that most crashes are caused due to lack of proper maintenance of the device and their components. Hence, you should keep the drivers updated for fixing bugs and the problems.

3-Poor quality hardware is made of plastic and silicon wafers. Such low-quality material leads to corruption in the files that are there in the hard-drive due to frequent loss of network connections. Hence, it is best to use only the best quality hardware for network cards. It is most suitable to match the makers of all NICs with the network elements. If possible, you should use the switches and hubs to ensure that the MS Access database doesn’t corrupt. It also helps to protect other applications as well.

4-If there is a network element that especially causes trouble then you should change it. If you stretch the cables tightly then, wires might get bent or disconnected due to the material in them. You should use the switches instead of hubs for networking. It has several benefits as it leads to increased network speed by using the collision domain concept. It ensures the breakdown of LAN and often leads to fewer collisions.

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5-If you are using MAC and Windows on the same network, there is a high possibility that there will be problems. The MAC applications create a lot of traffic over the closed-loop, increasing at a fast pace when the graphic files are being transferred or printed. To improve the speed in a close network, you should keep the MAC and Windows users separate. It is best to keep the database traffic and graphic traffic separate.

6-Have you used ‘compact and repair’ applications recently? Unless you use the compact and repair feature regularly, the Access file will not get small in size. Even if the data is deleted, it will not affect the overall file size. When the file size is large, the packet loss in more.

Don’t Forget to Defragment the Hard Drives!

The Access database files are significant, and their size increases with usage. If the disk size is small, space will be filled in no time. Hence, defragmentation is required to prevent any disaster and reaching out to MS Access support.

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