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Do You know About These 10 Easy Magic Tricks?


Do You know About These 10 Easy Magic Tricks?

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Magic tricks can be fun. You can use tricks to break the ice with strangers or attract an audience’s attention and entertain them. The tricks are good at boosting confidence among people, seeing the power that awe has on them.

Apart from social skills, learning magic can also help with motor skills, memory, and critical thinking. There are many magic tricks out there, but here is a list of ten that work with a little practice:

1.  The Cards Game

Take a collection of cards and put your favorite one at the bottom. Tell your ‘victim’ to pick theirs from the pack and not to disclose it. Divide the deck by half and ask your victim to place their card on one half of the deck while ensuring it’s not the one with yours at the base.

Place the other half above the ‘victim’s’ card such that it comes after your chosen card. After that, pick and drop the cards and tell them you will notify them when you recognize their card.

When you reach your card and theirs, ignore them and keep going. Flip over some more but notify them that the next card you pick will be theirs and place a bet. Once you place the bet, pick their card among those on the table, and Voila!

2.  The Coin Pyramid

COIN magic

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On this one, you will need to make a 4-row pyramid with ten coins. After that, tell your audience to invert this pyramid in only three moves, such that they move one coin at a time.

In most cases, they won’t be able to make a move, and now this will be your chance to amuse them. Move the coin on the left bottom row to the right of the second from the top. Take the coin on the right bottom row to the same place as the other, and then the top coin to the center of the base.

3.  Telekinesis

Pick a round pen, choose a smooth surface, and a cap. Blow the pen on your arms for some theatrics. After that, place it on the surface and pretend to concentrate your powers on it. Also, try to move your palm towards it to showcase your abilities.

Meanwhile, quietly blow over the pen. The cap comes in handy here to hide this fact. The pen will move, and observers will be blown away.

4.  The Ninja Trick

Confess to your victims that you can make anything a weapon. Take a pencil, and a blotting paper, then tell your victim to hold your pencil tightly on both ends. On the count of three, ‘cut’ the pencil using your index finger instead of the paper. The pencil will break but remember, it might hurt you a little.

5.  Play with Cups

You need 3 cups and three marbles. Put one of the marbles in the center of the cup, with the other two lying on the table. Make a stack with the cup with the marble at the center. Show the audience your cup and marble and start putting the cups upside down.

Grab another marble and put it on top of the middle cup. Reorganize the cups and give the center one a tap. Your marble will have passed through the cups. Repeat the same process, and put the last marble in the middle cup. Now you have the two marbles through the cup. This trick, however, needs some practice.

6.  The Paperclip Maneuver


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Using two paper clips and a dollar bill, make three folds, then add the clips on each. Holding each end with fingers, snap open the note, and the clips will fly out in the air.

7.  Water, a Coin, and a Card

It’s almost impossible for anyone to balance a playing card on the cup’s mouth. However, this can be skillfully done by filling the cup with water near the brim and putting the card on the cup’s edge. The water will hold the other half of the card while the coin strikes a balance to prevent the card from falling.

8.  The Magic Glass

With a transparent cup, cut a piece of paper matching your surface, making sure it fits tightly at the brim. Orient the cup upside down and distract the audience by blocking the cup on the front. Put the cup on the coin as it lays on the table and snap your fingers. After lifting your distracting hand, the coin disappears, and when the cup moves away, it then reappears.

9.  The Wobbly Pencil

Hold the pencil or a pen at the broad end and shake it at a slow but steady pace. It will give the illusion of being made from rubber.

10.The Spoon Bender

Push the spoon while moving your hand on the handle. This should be done while holding the other end. The spoon will look like it’s bending. However, this trick needs utmost discretion and some strength.


Magic tricks are not as hard as they seem. Above are some of the easy ones to perform for both kids and adults. Try to familiarize yourself with each one of them and have fun. It might frustrate you at first, but it will be worth it.


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