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Effective Marketing Strategies to Boost Website Traffic


As a marketer, the daily activities revolve around devising campaigns, brand exposure, and lead generation for the business. Moreover, they also seek the latest developments to enhance these strategies and convert more audiences as paying customers. However, now with the pandemic wreaking havoc, businesses are flocking to the digital landscape to secure the position and target their demographic of customers. This digital transformation is creating a whole new era of marketing strategies that target not only traditionally but also online. Today, digital marketers strive to maintain a prominent position in the digital landscape and generate website traffic for maximum conversions.

Gone are the days when the website was not mandatory for every business. Meanwhile, to target the digital audience, every business needs a website to generate leads and sales. On the other side, simply having an online website is not enough to reach the customers. It involves unique marketing tactics to outrank the competitors and maintain a digital presence. The latest marketing strategies must involve the latest tactics to bring more relevant traffic to the website; more traffic means more leads, thus more sales. Let’s discuss effective marketing strategies to boost website traffic.

Write Killer Headlines for Blogs Marketing

Killer headlines are the most prominent approach to achieve a higher click-through rate, thus boost website traffic. Most marketers produce the content without giving much thought to the content headlines. Mastering the art of writing engaging headlines is crucial in 2021. If you are a beginner, write the first blog post idea, and work out the headlines with lucrative keywords. Make it more viral and engaging to the readers to instantly grab their attention. Learn more about effective marketing strategies by signing up for Intellipaat’s Digital Marketing course designed by industry experts to improve your website traffic.

The famous internet media platforms like Buzzfeed and Upworthy write up to twenty blog posts headlines before writing the content. Your headlines will not only bring traffic to your website but also teach something different about the brand. It is also the reason why headlines work best for brand awareness.

  • Find Viral Topics

Viral topics are the easiest approach to gain a traffic boost on your website. It is easier to find viral topics and produce content that engages readers. Search engine optimization goes hand-in-hand to get the content viral and engaging the traffic. However, it is essential to produce content that retains the readers to your website and brings traffic. For instance, marketers may develop a content calendar to produce relevant content that drives the audience’s attention. Also, seek lucrative search keywords to easily rank the content on the search engine and attract visitors to your website.

The keywords depend on two crucial metrics. One is search volume, while another is keyword difficulty. Incorporating these two factors to research the keywords will help you to play with the ideas and understand the searcher’s intent. It is the way you can find lucrative keywords to take your audience to your website.

  • Link Building

As 2021 unfolds, building quality backlinks has never been more crucial. These are the incoming/inbound links from one website to another. Now you might wonder what is the wisdom behind linking from one website to another. This process works by first understanding how Google indexes the webpages and ranks them higher. A search engine uses crawler bots that crawl through the links on a webpage and identify their relevancy to rank them for specific keywords. These crawlers crawl through the links that point to your website.They also send a “vote of confidence” from that particular website to yours. Google uses these votes to index your webpage and rank higher on the search results.

Building quality backlinks is an essential off-page SEO strategy that elevates the standards of your website. Since every online business is competing for traffic, it might not be possible to quickly rank higher in the search results and bring traffic to your website. However, backlinking ensures increasing your brand awareness with a notch in the results for your web pages. All you need to do is to post guest blogs on higher authoritative websites with higher traffic. The whole process of writing guest posts and reaching the blogs that accept is indeed daunting. However, it will surely pay dividends in the long run to boost website traffic.

  • Utilize Social Media

Apart from SEO-driven strategies, social media also plays an essential role in enhancing your website’s traffic. Social media is no longer a platform limited for the connection to friends and family. Today, social media offers a whole new marketplace for businesses to showcase their brand to the target audience. On the other side, the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic have confined people to their homes. They mostly spend their days around the screens, either working, watching the news, or discovering new products or services. If you are not targeting these potential customers, then you are missing out huge.

As per professionals’ recommendations, marketers must utilize social media to its full potential to drive direct traffic to their website. That direct traffic might not send value signals for ranking. However, developing content that retains the visitor and engages them with your business will develop credibility, improving its ranking for search traffic.

  • Answer Questions on Quora

Just like social media, marketers must also use Quora for driving quality traffic to their website. It is a platform where anyone can ask questions or answer them. The platform can offer significant benefits for traffic to your website just by answering the questions. All you have to do is find the relevant questions related to your business website and write answers to your website’s links. This way, you can target the Quora traffic andget traffic from search engines.

  • Link Internally

Not just the backlinks but internal links also determine the page performance on the search engine. Internal links are handy when it comes to retaining visitors to your website. Most marketers overlook the factor, which is a cornerstone of SEO content. These links enable utilizing the anchor texts and spread the link juice across the website. It significantly improves the page rank and reduces the bounce rate of the website.

Final Words

The digital landscape is evolving with new practices and strategies and will continue in the future. No matter what industry your business is, effective marketing strategies are a crucial part of increasing sales. It is crucial to keep close tabs on traffic-generating strategies and update them to improve on the go.

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