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Exercises That Can Help You Become a Faster Runner

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Who wouldn’t want to run faster, right? No matter what sport you specialize in, it’s always better to be able to run faster. 

When you start working out to become a faster runner, you may notice the improvements quickly especially if you’re doing more running than before. With this, your body will be more conditioned and you get faster at running. However, Without proper training, you may not achieve your top speed and utmost potential in running. 

So, here are ways to achieve your perfect running condition and become a faster runner. 

Box Jump

Doing box jumps is like performing explosive jumps, and this will train the core muscles of your legs for them to “turn on” much faster during a run. If you just started working on this type of workout, you might want to consider looking for bodybuilder training near me online and learn bodybuilding to work your way up. 

So, how do you perform a box jump? First, you need a weight bench, aerobic step, or a sturdy box. The correct posture would be standing with both feet apart, sending your hips down like squatting, then quickly jumping onto the box. Control your jump and land as softly as you can with both feet on the box. Once done, step back down one foot at a time to complete one repetition. 

Bulgarian Split Squat

While running, you’re always on one foot so it’ll help if you could also train in that way. The Bulgarian split squat is the perfect workout that involves strengthening your feet. So, how do you perform the Bulgarian split squat correctly? 

The first thing is you don’t need to have any equipment in performing this workout, all you need to look for is a bench or a sofa. Get your body into a lunge position, bending your knees while resting your foot on a bench that is 12-15cm off the floor. Lower your body until your thigh is near the horizontal position. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t push your knee beyond your front foot. Repeat the movement with your other foot to complete one repetition. 

Sled Push

In this workout, you need to have a speed sled. You can load the sled with really heavy weights and do a slow march. With this, you’re not only focusing power but your thighs and feet are working out as well. With time and proper execution, you’ll have a more dependable core. Once you’re accustomed to the weight, you can take it down bit by bit and focus on a power/endurance workout. 

So how do you properly perform sled push? If it’s your first time doing the workout, don’t load too many weights on it as it may cause you injury. Start with the ones you can handle and work your way up. 

Once you’ve loaded the weights, lean your body towards the sled with your arms fully extended. Start pushing the sled as fast as you can across the floor. 


A deadlift is one of the most effective workouts to increase running speed. This type of exercise works every muscle in your body but specifically strengthens your back. 

Deadlift workouts develop propulsive force in the hip extensors and glutes. This will help you push off when you increase your pace. Additionally, it also strengthens your hamstrings which is a vital part of sprinting. 

With an overhand grip, grasp the barbell while bending your knees. Keep your shoulder-width apart, lift the barbell to thigh height with the forward movement of your hips, and the movement by your leg muscles. When you lower back the bar successfully, it’s considered one repetition. 

Tempo Runs

Tempo runs are one of the workout routines most runners have. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a 10k race or a marathon as tempo runs will surely improve your running speed and condition. 

So what’s a tempo run? Tempo runs are medium to hard training runs that are faster than your usual pace. It’s not just that, it also trains the mind and body to become versatile at any running speed. In short, this type of workout helps you become faster for sustained efforts. Additionally, with the right amount of tempo runs, you’ll also improve your body’s oxygen efficiency. 


There are more workouts than you could imagine to improve running speed. The five exercises listed above are some of the most effective ways to drastically improve your running speed. It would also help not to overwork your body as it may cause injuries with the worst possible outcome. 

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