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Farewell Parties: What Gifts To Give To Commemorate The Occasion

Farewell Parties

Of all the occasions that require you to buy a Farewell Parties gift, shopping for a farewell party might be the most difficult occasion. There are several determinants to consider, such as who you are shopping for, your relationship with them, the price and appropriateness of the gift, and not to mention your gift will also be competing with everyone else’s at the party.

With all these stakes at play, it might be easy to find yourself overwhelmed at the prospect of finding the perfect gift. Well, do not despair just yet because we are here to help. There is one surefire gift that is thoughtful, meaningful and guaranteed to be a hit at any party.

A painting is not only a unique and awesome gift but also a gift that lasts a lifetime. Many paintings are great for marking the occasion of a farewell. The following is a list of suggestions to help narrow down your choice.

Vase With Fifteen Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Flowers are fantastic paintings for life on any occasion. This is because they represent so many positive attributes and traits. Traits such as health, prosperity, and change are just a few. For this reason, they are an excellent gift choice for the occasion of a farewell party.

As well as being a universal symbol of growth, flowers represent beauty and happiness. Therefore, a gesture of a flower painting would invite these aspects into the person’s life. Another benefit of this particular type of painting is that you can also gift the person a painting of their favorite flower, which is sure to make them smile.

When looking for a fantastic flower painting, look no further than the Dutch Impressionist master Vincent Van Gogh. He is arguably the most famous painter of flowers there, and his paintings of flowers are lovely. These would make a fantastic gift, and wish the recipient a prosperous farewell and a future filled with beauty and growth.

Breezing Up (A Fair Wind) by Winslow Homer

Another poignant painting suggestion for someone who is leaving and is about to embark on a new chapter of their lives is a painting of a boat or ship. A ship is another powerful symbol in art and is often associated with the idea of leaving or a farewell.

The gift of a painting of a ship promotes good luck and well wishes to whoever is lucky enough to receive it. Furthermore, a painting of a ship on the sea will also offer added inspiration to the person leaving, and the sentiment is sure to touch their heartstrings.

If you think an ocean painting is the one for you, you are lucky. There are so many wonderful paintings to choose from, as boats have played a big role in human affairs throughout history. One of the best maritime painters of all time is Winslow Homer. His high-octane ocean epics capture all the magic of the sea and have an element of cozy charm like no other.

Idle Hours by Thomas Benjamin Kennington

A fish painting is another apt choice for a farewell or goodbye party. Like all the other topics mentioned here, fish represent many more profound meanings and connotations. They represent and embody ideas such as life, prosperity, good luck, and moving forward. 

In Asian culture, the fish is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, as well as health and good luck. Therefore, a painting of fish as a gift would promote and bring forth these positive aspects in the person’s life you are gifting and give them well wishes upon their farewell.

A painting such as this can be seen as a mirror of a life portrait, bringing these positive associations with the fish into the person’s future. As a result of their deeper meaning, fish has been a popular topic throughout art, especially in Asian culture. There are so many beautiful and colorful fish masterpieces out there that you are sure to find the one that will surely be the hit gift of the party.

Four Trees by Egon Schiele

Trees are yet another potent symbol that is often connected with the occasion of a farewell. The tree symbol is one of the oldest in human existence and can represent many different things, including profound philosophical ideas such as growth, change, transformation, and, most importantly, stability.

A painting of trees or a forest will also inspire feelings of adventure and exploration and will help to encourage the person you are gifting to face the next step in their journey head-on and without fear. They may feel lost and unsure about the future, but a painting of a forest will remind them to keep moving forward, while a painting of a tree will center them in their roots and promote healthy growth.

When it comes to choosing a painting, like all the other suggestions on this list, there are so many great options. Austrian artist, Egon Schiele’s Four Trees, managed to capture all the tree’s symbolism and would make an excellent choice. There are so many other tree paintings to choose from, though, so shop around until you find the perfect one for you.


When shopping for a gift for a farewell party, or any party for that matter, a painting is an excellent choice. Not only will it bring smiles all around and promote positivity and well wishes, but just like a photograph, a painting is a gift for life and can live on forever.

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