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Gap Bands for Teens: Better Than Braces? 

Are Teeth Gap Bands Safe
Are Teeth Gap Bands Safe?

If your teen is looking for dental work, you may have been thinking about braces or dental veneers Brisbane. But what if there was a dental option that would not require any permanent changes to their teeth? It’s called gap bands, and they can fix many of the most common dental problems. In this blog post, you will get to know more information on how gap bands work and what they can do for your teen. It will help you make an informed decision on choosing the proper treatment. 

Importance of Gap Band 

The elastic rubber bands used in orthodontic treatments like braces are a normal part of the process. They’re most often seen at different stages throughout patient care and treatment, correcting how teeth fit together or straightening one’s bite, for instance. These medical procedures require qualified professionals such as an orthodontist who can carefully plan out their strength direction with Braces/Dental Rods (or vice versa). 

The gap band is a risky and damaging at-home method that aims to close gaps between teeth. The tiny elastic rubber bands cause harmful movement in your teeth, causing damage such as gumline wear or even spurting from the roots of enamel where pressure has been applied too hard for an extended time.  

What are Risks Involved in Gap Bands?  

The orthodontist report found that nearly 13% of their member have consulted with people who tried to straighten their teeth themselves. Rubber bands were one standard tool, causing irreparable damage in some cases by moving into the gumline and irritating bone root or soft tissue–sometimes leading to tooth loss.  

When to Consult a Dentist? 

Suppose you have a teen that is experiencing tooth decay or lacking any teeth. In that case, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with their orthodontist. Your specialist will examine the patient throughout different stages so they can find out if there are potential treatments available for your child, including braces and Invisalign.  

Treatments Recommended by a Dentist 

Orthodontic appliances: Braces and clear aligners can be used to straighten your teeth. Ceramic braces also exist, but they’re more expensive than the others. 

Dental veneers are an excellent approach to hide teeth that have minor chips, cracks, or gaps. They can also be used for adults who want whiter looking smiles with the same smile in colour. 

Bonding teeth is a straightforward procedure that can be done in one visit. A tooth-coloured material will cover the surface of your damaged or missing pieces to repair them during this time, making it cost-effective for most people who need dental work performed on their mouths due to accident damage.  

Wrapping Up 

Now that you are well informed about the risk of gap bands, it is time to talk with your teen and tell them that this method may cause more harm than good. Please encourage them to visit their dentist for professional consultation so they can get healthy teeth straight away.  

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