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What is Google Local Guide Program? How to get Exclusive Level 10 Badge

Google Local Guide Program

Google Local Guide Program

Have you ever Been to a place where you have not gone before and before you go there you asked another person how that place is? If you do this you are just like me I also do this mostly, basically whenever I go to any restaurant I investigate that place. 

I mean like really I search that place on many platforms like Facebook and Instagram and see how people review about them and all such thing was not available for a few years

So google Already had its big product which is Google Map and the company has always focused on adding features and improving the user experience for its users and getting reviews from its use on almost everything whether its a movie or a place was always a part of google 

What is Google Local Guide Program  

Google Recently Introduced its new feature which is called the Google local guide program in which people share their opinion for the place that is available in Google and after sharing their opinions, reviews, and more, google gives them badges accordingly 


On answering and giving reviews google gives you badges 

You will start to earn a badge at level 4 and for every level you need points 

Badge’s Level Points
No badge Level 1 0 points
No badge Level 2 15 points
No badge Level 3 75 points
1 Level 4 250 points
2 Level 5 500 points
3 Level 6 1,500 points
4 Level 7 5,000 points
5 Level 8 15,000 points
6 Level 9 50,000 points
7 Level 10 100,000 points


This table shows how a badge can be earned means how many points you need for the badge


Points are what you need to reach a higher rank And earning points can be very easy al you have to do is give reviews and answer and more thing like this here is the table that explains how much points you will get on every task 


Maps contribution Points earned
Review any location or place  10 points per review
Write a Review with more than 200 characters 10 bonus points per review
Give Rating about a place/park/restaurant/etc 1 point per rating
Photo upload photos of that place o you in it  5 points per photo
Add Photo tags  3 points per tag
Post  a Video about that place  7 points per video
Answer write an answer to that place 1 point per answer
Respond to Q&As of others  3 points per response
Edit or correct a location 5 points per edit
Tell or add a new place which was not listed  15 points per place added
Give info about that Road  15 points per road added
Fact checked 1 point per fact-checked
Eligible list published 10 points per published list
Add description (in the list) of that place  5 points per description added



Why don’t I see an increase in my level or points?


After you do this all this and you don’t see any changes in your point list or your level do not worry it can take about 24 hours to update the status 

How can I participate or am I eligible for this feature?

The answer is yes and no you can be qualified for the google Local Guide Program but you need to pass these 3 terms 

  • You should or need to have a real and active google account 
  • You have to be at least 18+ to qualify for this program
  • You need to sign up for the Google Local Guide Program. find the signup forum here  

Why can’t I sign up or why am I ineligible for the Google Local Guide Program?

There are some possibilities when you might not be eligible for the Google Local program Guide 

Some of the main reasons are the following 

  • You are from residents of US embargoed (banned by America) countries
  • Even if you are ordinarily resident in US embargoed countries
  • You might be rejected By applicable export control and sanctions Programs 
  • You will be rejected if you are a government official like if you are a government Employee  candidate for Public office “employees of government-owned or government-controlled companies, public international organizations, and political parties.”


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