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Home SEO A guide for moving companies to grow their customer network

A guide for moving companies to grow their customer network


Are you running a moving company? If yes, then you might know the struggle behind attracting new leads. Considering relocating to a new place can be an option for business growth. To relocate your business successfully, be sure you hire one of the best long distance moving companies listed at Moving Feedback, a leading moving services rating and reviewing company. If we are looking for ideas to attract more customers to your business then you have come just to the right place. Check out these tips now.

Start with creating an interesting website 


You can’t improve the marketing strategy of your business if it does not have any online presence. A good business website is the first need of any company to market its services. Be sure your website is up to date and has all the trendy features that users would like to use. Make it easy to navigate so that people do not get confused else they will jump over the next. Also, be sure your website is mobile responsive because the number of mobile users is more than the desktop one. 


A company needs to make efforts in improving the website ranking on the search engine result page. SEO is the best technique to do it. In this technique, first of all, relevant keywords are determined after conducting research. These keywords are incorporated at strategic places on the website. This lets search engines such as Google identify your business services. So, when a user looks for moving services, Google displays your website on the SERP page from where users can access your services.  

Content marketing

Both the search engine and humans like quality content. Therefore, it is time for moving companies to invest in quality content. When you add great quality of the content at your website in terms of blogs, infographics, videos and so on then the search engine displays your business on the top at SERP. 

Social media 

With each passing day, the number of users is increasing on social media, and not just that, people are spending more and more time on this platform. A moving business can get the advantage of it. A company can share valuable information about its services on famous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. If possible, then you can also provide special deals and discounts on this platform to attract the attention of potential customers. Also, whenever you interact with any customers on this platform then this will be seen by many other people expanding your potential reach and brand awareness. 

You can also ask for reviews from your clients that can be read and checked by potential customers. You can get more reviews by providing your customers with a Google review QR code, which allows them to provide quick feedback. Good reviews help in generating trust among other people therefore they would like to get services from your business. 

Build online reputation 

No one would like uncertainty when it comes to handling all their home possessions. Of course, they will look for a company that can handle their belongings carefully. So be sure you generate trust among your prospective customers. This can be done by promoting your business online and by increasing brand awareness. People tend to trust the recommendations given by other customers therefore ask your past clients to leave reviews. 

You can get good reviews only when your moving business offers great quality and satisfactory services to clients. 

Make your business credible  

These days, there are a lot of scammers present out there who pretends to be legitimate movers. To differentiate yourself from those, be sure your business has all credentials such as license and insurance. Display the license number or USDOT number on the business website. Act professionally and leave a good impression on others. If you become a member of the American moving and storage association and BBB then you can easily gain the trust of people. 

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Regardless of the fact whether you are new or old to the moving industry, every company wants to earn more and more customers to increase their business revenue and profit. Luckily, the above tips will help you to improve traffic and generate leads. These days, hiring digital marketers is just the best way to improve your marketing strategy to reach a wider audience.

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