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Here’re What To Look For When Buying A New Single Door Fridge For Your Home

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As the name implies, single-door refrigerators feature just one door. The freezer is located in the refrigerator’s top section and may require manual defrosting at times. In comparison to double or side-by-side door refrigerators, they are both compact and reasonably priced across all manufacturers, including Samsung, Haier, and LG fridges. Indeed, the LG fridge single door is one of the most affordable versions available.

Single door refrigerators produce ice 40% faster and consume 30% to 40% less electricity than double or side by side doors. Apart from that, a significant disadvantage is that it is incompatible with non-vegetarians who keep meat, fish, and other non-vegetarian products due to the limited freezer capacity.

Finding the one that is ideal for you is not simple. Numerous factors must be considered, including size, door design, energy efficiency, brand, and pricing. This refrigerator buying guide will assist you in selecting the best single-door refrigerator for your budget and demands.

1. Consider the cost

A basic single-door refrigerator can cost in the range of Rs.10,000 and Rs. 20,000. This is a long-term investment, so the budget should take that into consideration. The more affordable ones come with lesser features.

2. The capacity of the refrigerator

Choose a refrigerator that meets your specific storage requirements. Every fridge owner is unique. A single-door refrigerator has a capacity of 50L to 220L and is often the most basic and entry-level type of refrigerator. For a bachelor or a family of two, an lg fridge single door with a capacity of around 200 liters might be suitable.

3. Purchase from a well-known brand:

If the refrigerator is made by a reputable manufacturer, replacement components and after-sales service are readily accessible and reasonably priced. Among the most renowned brands in India are Haier, Samsung, Godrej, and LG fridges.

4. Look for color and finish

Getting the look of the fridge you end up with is a big deal. Your refrigerator will be in use every day, so the finish and design of your kitchen might influence its overall décor. A refrigerator’s exterior has a major influence on the look of a space. 

5. Check for essential features.

When purchasing a refrigerator, you should never overlook basic and necessary features. If you are someone who likes to store a large number of bottles, ensure that the shelves can be adjusted in height. You may assess them for smart features. Refrigerators of today are equipped with a slew of smart features, such as digital temperature control, in order to keep up with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) space. Be sure to think about the features that are vital to you.

6. Look for energy efficiency

Appliances are rated from 1 to 5 stars for energy efficiency, with 1 being the least efficient and 5 being the most efficient. The greater the energy efficiency rating, the less energy is consumed and the more money is saved. As a result, the most expensive refrigerators are those with four or five stars. Purchasing a 4-5 star LG fridge may cost more initially, but it will drastically lower your power bill in the long run. 

7. Refrigerator Placement in your house

If space is at a premium in your kitchen, the compact form of a single-door refrigerator may be the ideal solution. You may always check the dimensions of the refrigerator of your choice to determine if it will fit into the given space. Calculate the available space in the kitchen for the refrigerator. Your new LG fridge single door must fit through the opening of your door, passageway, elevator, or staircase. 

8. Request an extended warranty      

Certain companies, such as Haier, Samsung, and lg fridge provide an extended warranty of 1-2 years for a small additional fee. This is in addition to the standard body warranty and a longer compressor warranty.

9. Built-in stabilizer:

If you live in a region with frequent voltage fluctuations, it is prudent to choose a refrigerator that operates without a stabilizer.


After reading this buying guide, you should have a better grasp of the factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerator. For a product as vital as a refrigerator, it’s critical to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Finally, everything comes down to personal opinion and taste. Whether it is Samsung or LG single door fridge, investing some effort in selecting the finest refrigerator for your needs may save you time and money.

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