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How Do You Give Helpful Feedback


Do you want your employees to do the best job they can for your company? If so, you need to give them feedback on their job performance. When implementing the right performance management process, you will be able to manage performance and give feedback. You want to think carefully about how you will deliver this type of feedback to your employees. You need to give feedback that will not only highlight specifics of their job performance but also make sure they are receptive to it. What are a few tips you need to follow if you want to give helpful feedback to your employees?

1. Be Specific

First, you must make sure you are specific with the feedback you provide. If you are too general, you might confuse your employees because they might not know exactly what you are talking about. They might not know how to improve their job performance, and they might have a hard time meeting your expectations. Try to highlight specific examples of what you are talking about. That way, your employees will know what they need to do to grow as team contributors and meet the goals you have put in front of them.

2. Be Objective

As you give feedback to your employees, remember to be as objective as possible. You want to change their behaviour. You do not want to try to change who they are as people. Refrain from ad hominem attacks, which are situations where you target them as people. If you get personal, they will probably shut down and stop listening to you. On the other hand, if you show that you are objective, they will be more likely to be open to what you have to say.


3. Be Consistent

When you give feedback to your employees, you also need to make sure to be consistent. This comes in several forms. Free, you need to have a regular schedule that you follow for giving feedback. You do not want to blindside your employees with any feedback that you give. If they know it is coming, they can put themselves in the right frame of mind to listen to it. Furthermore, you need to be consistent in terms of how you give feedback. Try to use the same objective scale when you can. Otherwise, your employees are just going to get confused, and they won’t know what they need to do to improve. If you want your employees to listen to your feedback, be consistent.

4. Be Receptive

Another key tip that you need to follow is that you need to be receptive to everything that your employees have to say. Even though you certainly want to give your employees feedback that they can use to improve their jobs, you also need to give your employees a chance to listen to what they have to say. Employee retention is a serious issue right now. If you want your employees to stick around, you need to give them a voice in the office. If your employees do not like something, let them tell you what it is and why they don’t like it. Do everything you can to change it. If you show your employees that you care about their well-being, they will be more likely to listen to what you have to say as well. Then, when their contracts are up, they will also be more likely to stick around. This can save you time and money because you will not have to go recruiting as often.

5. Be Positive

Finally, you need to be positive when you give feedback to your employees as well. While you will need to give them constructive criticism from time to time, always frame this in a positive manner. Let your employees know that you are simply trying to find a way to help them improve. Show them how their performance might change if they decide to make certain changes. If you are positive with the manner in which you give feedback, your employees will take what you have to say seriously and will have a goal to shoot for.

Give Strong Feedback To Your Employees

These are just a few of the most important tips you need to keep in mind if you want your employees to listen to the helpful feedback you have. You do not want to beat around the bush, but you also do not want your employees to shut down if you are too negative. Do not forget that feedback has to be a two-way street as well. You need to give your employees a chance to deliver on their own. If they feel like they have a voice in what happens in the office, they will be more likely to be open to the feedback you have to share.

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