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How Gamified Quizzes, Learning Games & Apps Help Kids Learn Better

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Most people are used to the tradition classroom setting; with the teacher’s station, a blackboard, and the students’ desks and chairs. This image is one that still exists; even as marker boards and other innovations have replaced blackboards, and students have become more used to computers and other gadgets than books and boards.

Now, teachers use almost all facilities available to them to enable their students learn better and easier. Some studies have even suggested that these newer methods of teaching are more effective than the old ones of taking and writing notes, and lecturing. Educators understand now that it is more effective to have classes that are interactive, with the students contributing to a given topic, than simply listening to a teacher give a lecture.

Most of these new methods of teaching include innovations which aid the students’ learning. One of the best new learning innovations is gamified quizzes to motivate and hold the interest of students learning science, math and other complicated subjects.

If you don’t know what gamified quizzes are and how they can help students learn, this article will shed some more light on the innovation. To make it easy to understand, gamified quizzes are simply educational quizzes that are prepared in the form of a game. This makes the task more enjoyable and relatable to students, and they get to play games while learning.

Due to how popular video learning games are among children and young adults, gamified quizzes have quickly become an effective mean of boosting student engagement. Students are more likely to respond to activities and content that they enjoy, than the regular educational activities. Gamified quizzes are an effective way to start lessons, and even assess how well your students understand what you have taught so far.

Benefits of gamified quizzes

With many still unfamiliar to the idea of gamified quizzes, there are a lot of questions as to how effective it is, and how students can benefit from this method of learning.

  • Enhances the testing effect

The ‘testing effect’ is a term for how regular quizzing affects students. Quizzes stimulate the student’s cognitive skills, forcing them to remember things they have learned in the past. When kids are regularly tested on what they have been taught, they are forced to remember these things. Gamified quizzes work in the same way.

  • Opportunities to demonstrate learning

Children learn in different ways; much like their personalities and appearances differ. Each student’s learning style is unique, and they might need a different learning style than another student. Gamified quizzes, kids learning games & apps are just some ways to make your students more comfortable, and find the style of learning they are best suited for.

How to Implement Gamified Learning

There are a number of ways you can implement gamified quizzes in your teaching scheme.

  • Include short quizzes to the middle of your lessons

Add interactive quiz sessions to your lessons to assess how well your kids are learning. Educational apps are available to provide some easy quiz questions with multiple choice or other varieties.

  • Use as a way to prepare for assessments

You can use gamified quizzes to prepare your students for summative assessments. You can make the experience more fun by adding a prize at the end of the completion. For example, extra time during recess, or a field trip for the winners. 

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