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How Hoteling Systems Enhance Visitors’ Experience for Parks, Museums, and Other Outdoor Settings


Like many outdoor establishments, public parks and other spaces closed down during the pandemic. However, while it encourages people to stay indoors, it also has long-term challenges. 

Today, people around the world are going outside again. Public spaces are also reopening, like restaurants and movie theaters. More groups are holding outdoor gatherings and postponed social events are finally being held.  

This means businesses and outdoor establishments need to consider two things: ensuring health and safety and improving the visitor experience. This is also where a hoteling app comes in.

How to Stay Safe during Outdoor Activities

Everyone knows going outside is beneficial to man’s general health. Going to parks reduces stress, and nature and fresh air help us feel relaxed. Even a simple walk outside your house can feel good, especially after spending much time inside. 

Here are a few ways to stay safe while taking a walk outside after a long while inside: 

  • Keep a 2-meter distance. Even if it seems safer now, it’s still a good idea to practice social distancing. It’s also good to avoid places that look too crowded. 
  • Don’t touch your face. It’s still important to wear a face mask when going outdoors. Keeping your hands away from your face also minimizes your chance of exposure. 
  • Check official guidelines. Before heading out, it’s essential to look at official guidelines. It’s also vital to stay up-to-date on best practices and policies.

These tips also apply to businesses and outdoor establishments. As more continue reopening, it’s important to follow social distance guidelines. To do that, using software for office hoteling is vital. 

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How Hoteling Systems Enhance Visitors’ Experience for Parks,

So, what is hoteling software? 

In a nutshell, it’s a type of software that allows users to reserve desks and meeting rooms. They can see which desks and rooms are available and book them for a specific time. 

While it seems simple at first, it can be a valuable tool for different work environments. This also includes outdoor work settings. Here are three ways this software can offer customers a unique experience: 

  • Contact tracing 

Desk hoteling software offers contact tracing, which is essential for many reopening businesses that see plenty of foot traffic. 

Contact tracing works by identifying those who made physical contact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19. These people are then contacted and notified as soon as possible. 

While this is valuable for offices, hospitals, and government buildings, it’s also suitable for other areas. Like trail parks or amusement parks, outdoor establishments become easier to monitor. 

  • Smooth visitor management systems promote safer and more enjoyable routes.

Room utilization software provides a smooth visitor management system to provide routes for visitors. Aside from giving directions to different rooms in an office building, they can be used for other settings, too.

Museums significantly benefit from this since it can help minimize crowding. With an effective visitor management system, guests have enough breathing room when browsing the exhibits.

  • Easy check-ins mean easy reservations for resorts and guest houses. 

Office hoteling software reserves spaces, making perfect use for guest houses and resorts. 

Automating reservations alone have plenty of benefits. Employees don’t have to keep track of information manually written in thick binders and spreadsheets. Business digitization means that all the information is updated and maintained in one centralized network. 

This means that everything is easily accessible. Employees and guests don’t have to worry about lost reservations as the process is streamlined and hassle-free!

The Takeaway

As businesses reopen, they need to balance sales with customer safety by promoting health guidelines. Hot desk software is one such tool that can help them achieve this. 

Not only does it help maintain social distancing, but it also improves visitor management. This results in added sales, a feeling of safety, and an improved experience. 

The benefits don’t end there. While it was initially designed for scheduling and reserving office workspaces, it’s possible to do more with it. This is especially true for software that comes with a custom programming service. 

If you’re having trouble looking for the right software for your business, look no further. Schedule a demo with us today!

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